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Angina attack - Corona stress and worry?


Hi, I have angina, (age 64) but have been doing really well on my bisoprolol, no attack since Jan. Yesterday, though, I had one out of the blue, just sat on sofa. It occurs to me that it might be linked to our current situation, watching the news is scary, and I am so worried about my children: both work for NHS, daughter is in London, and she is terrified about the next few weeks. I know stress can be a trigger. Just wondered if anyone else had the same, or any tips for calming the mind or clearing the brain of constant worry?

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Hi Dempo, I also have stable angina. Fortunately I've not had an episode at rest, but my exercise tolerance seems to be slightly less of late and I'm attributing that to the low grade anxiety I've been experiencing recently. I can't imagine how much worse your level of anxiety must be!

Anyway, here is a link to a piece written by a friend of a friend (who happens to be a therapist) on Facebook. It's quite long, but I found it extremely helpful. Hopefully you will too.

If you can't get it, let me know.

Dempo in reply to Dawgirl

Thanks for that! It was, indeed, helpful.

Hi Dempo

I'm sorry but I'm not able to help you regarding Bisoprolol. My husband was on a low dose and soon came off it after Open Heart surgery. I do so understand your worries, particularly with having two children who are NHS workers and one being in London. It's very understandable that you are feeling anxious. I noticed you mentioned the news and at such times we do all need to watch the news. However I have read advice that if you find it stressful it is important to limit how often you see/hear the news and also decide when is the best time of day to absorb the news. There are many breathing techniques which can help anxiety. The 4-7-8 Breathing technique is very simple to follow and you may find it helpful. If you can find time to do things that you enjoy and particularly something where you can lose yourself into it whether that be watching a film or gardening or chatting to a friend or doing a crossword, that is a good way to try and stop your mind focussing on worrying thoughts. These are harrowing times and I hope you can find way to to cope.

Yes my angina is playing me up more at the moment, I presume it’s from the stress of being with the wife 24/7.

Dempo in reply to Boo_boo1

Ha ha!

Sunnie2day in reply to Boo_boo1

I upticked that but want to say I'm a wife, I have angina (with normal coronaries) and can definitely say that street runs two ways ;)

Boo_boo1 in reply to Sunnie2day

Suppose 😏


Take in one news show a day switch the others OFF

It's all repeats there is nothing else going on in the World at the moment

A 102 yo died would not normally be News but if it's possible to link it to Corona Virus lets do it maybe sell another two newspapers or add 1 to the viewer numbers.

Personally I think the people who have come out of this the worst has to be Journalists and TV News Presenters. We could put 5/6th form students to ask better questions.

My Rant Over

I have spent 1/2 hr today looking at the routes to West Bay Bridport, Lyme Regis, and Swanage, along with Weymouth. because when this s**t is over I want to see the Sea and enjoy some nice meals out or even Fish & Chips on the Cob. Lucky all these places are within 3/4 hr

Sat Safe Stay Well

MilkfairyHeart Star

Hi Dempo

I live with vasospastic angina, I live in London.

Emotional and mental stress are my 2 big triggers along with the cold.

Whilst I have had fantastic care over the last 8 years I have also had my pain mismanaged due to the lack of understanding of my condition despite having a written admission plan to manage my unstable angina. I am now very fearful of going into hospital.

I am doing my best not to catch covid 19. My family do the shopping.

I also want to avoid a severe episodes of angina that can lend me up in hospital. The staff have enough to do at the moment.

I manage my anxiety and stress in several ways.

I only listen to the news once a day at the moment

I listen to music or podcasts mainly comedy.

I go into my garden

Cook the evening meal for all 5 of us.

Paint and draw.

I am following a 30 day yoga program by Adriene on Netfix and Tai Chi on YouTube

I meditate and practice my breathing and relaxation techniques.

When I am feeling very anxious or in alot of pain I use this yoga breathing technique

I take one day at a time and try not to worry about the stuff I cannot control and concentrate on what I can control.

My GP has given me some extra medication to manage any severe pain that I have.

I found this free app very useful

Spotify also has meditations by well known Mindfulness Meditation teachers such as Mark Williams.

I hope you are able to stay calm, safe and well.

Boo_boo1 in reply to Milkfairy

Try watching Ozark season 3 😲

MilkfairyHeart Star in reply to Boo_boo1

We're busy watching the Windsors then Better Call Saul

I'll add Ozark to the list 😉

Boo_boo1 in reply to Milkfairy

Honestly, it’s absolutely superb. Better call Saul is such a slow burner much like breaking bad.

MilkfairyHeart Star in reply to Boo_boo1

I love a plot that needs to be slowly cooked

Thanks for your replies, I have now found "Malory Towers" on the Iplayer, very distracting for an old Enid Blyton fan!

Boo_boo1 in reply to Dempo

Is it any good?

Filmed in Devon, so I like it, because I live there. Great period detail.

I can relate. My daughter is an ER physician--and also has 2 young kids. I saw all the warnings about her city having the highest number of COVID-19 cases in the country, plus protests and riots. The ER is in the thick of all of that.

I don't watch any news at all anymore.

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