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Myopericarditis at 20 years old


Hi, I'm new here, just before Christmas I left work with chest pain that spread to my throat and left arm, I went to the hospital where I was admitted and had many tests done, bloods showed my Troponin was up slightly and an Echocardiogram showed inflammation in both my heart and Pericardium, I was diagnosed with Myopericarditis (both Myocarditis and Pericarditis), I'm only 20 years old (soon to be 21) so of course I'm quite worried, never been diagnosed with anything more serious before and I was admitted to the hospital for the first time for this, I'm currently on Lansoprazole and Ibuprofen for 3 months which will hopefully clear it up. I worry that it won't be fully cured at the end of the 3 months and that I won't realise. Has anyone else suffered with this and if so did it fully clear up and/or has it reoccured since?

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Hi lansaprazole are for the stomach not heart

Kieramartin in reply to Hidden

Hi, yes that’s right, I was given Lansoprazole to protect my stomach from the Ibuprofen.

Hi, I was diagnosed with myocarditis and cardiomyopathy back in Oct 18 after having a mini heart attack I was only 38. I’m now on iverbradine for irregular heart beat and ramipril for high blood pressure and Lansoprazole for my stomach I. Also still under a cardiologist. Have they not said bout you being seen after the 3 months to make sure it has cleared up?

Kieramartin in reply to Shell031

Oh wow that sounds horrible! Yes I have been given an appointment in March to go and see the cardiologist, I don’t know whether I’ll be scanned or anything, he didn’t tell me much to be honest.

Hi hope it clears up for you. I have recurrent pericarditis which flares up about 3 times a year at present. Mine first started in June 2017 with no previous warning and I had hoped it was a one off at the beginning. After the 3rd occasion it turns out it was being caused by an auto immune disorder called sjogrens. Lansaprazole is a stomach tablet so won't help your heart. I'm now on colchicine, diclofenac, hydroxychloroquine and omemprazole daily and I still get flare ups. Keep an eye on it and if it flares up again go back to the doctor's. Good luck

Kieramartin in reply to Kj2004

Thank you! Oh dear that doesn’t sound nice! At least you know what’s causing it and the cause can be treated rather than just the symptoms, yeah will definitely be keeping an eye and making sure I talk to someone if it returns/doesn’t go away.

Hi! I’m 23 and had myocarditis and pericarditis 6 months ago and still get the chest pressure but it’s a lot lot better than during the first months. The first thing you need to do is not to worry, as your mental health will be key to get better. Get plenty of rest and take your ibuprofen religiously. Each case is different and I know people who got back on their feet after a month, others 3, others a year, etc. so it’s hard to tell. Which is why you need to stay super strong, and hopeful because IT WILL PASS. You are young and healthy so it will pass. A few tricks are: rest, improve your diet (cut all the processed foods - a great documentary to watch now is “Fed Up” available in YouTube), surround yourself with positivity and loved ones and again, stay strong. I can’t emphasize enough how your mood and attitude towards getting better will help your recovery.

Let me know if you have other questions since our case is pretty similar!!

Kieramartin in reply to Cookie95

Thank you so much for that! I have read a bit on how positivity is actually very helpful to recovery, I’m generally a very positive person sonI have been doing alright with that, even when I was in hospital and didn’t know what was wrong, but it does get hard sometimes as I’m sure you know when you start thinking into it and worrying, I’ll definitely have a look at that documentary and make some changes!

I would be very careful about taking dietary advice from a film - they always have an agenda to push and their use of evidence is often extremely selective. The BHF website has reliable unbiased advice on a heart healthy diet.

I had pericarditis on and off for two years but it did go away - no episodes for 3 years now. Most people only have it once.

Stopping ibuprofen too early seems a factor.

Definitely stay positive!

I was diagnosed in January with myocarditis. On colchicine for 3 months. Have some bad days when chest painful or heart races. It's not pleasant is it? I'm positive something life has taught me I guess. I mean I had breast cancer when I was 39 and here I am 71 with a lovely life. Let's hope spring comes soon and we can all rest in our gardens.

This is very similar to what happened to me last summer (except I'm older - 47) never had any heart issues before but I do have a background of Lupus and Fibromyalgia. I went into hospital on 1st June with very similar symptoms, I would describe it as a burning cold sensation in my chest, throat and down my left arm. Raised Troponan which kept doubling hour on hour. Was told it was a heart attack, and put in cardiac unit. The following day discharged with Pericarditis diagnosis, and Ibropofen and Lanzoprazole.

The Ibroprofen wasn't strong enough for me and I was later proscribed Conchicine ( I was taken into hospital 3 more times with chest pains). Later - by September - it changed into pain more in my chest wall (possibly costochondritis). I've just had my heart MRI and I'm waiting for results. All my heart echos showed normal heart activity which has been reassuring, as well as a good result on the CT angiogram.

I hope you will recover in time. I does take time though. Try not to do anything which aggravates the pain for 3 months. And then slowly get more active. I still have mild chest pains now 7 months later but it's hard to tell whether this is due to my Fibromyalgia. x

Hi! I'm really sorry and I understand how you must feel. My husband is 35 now and about 2 years ago he went through something similar, it was very scary for both of us but with the help of doctors and a very long recovery it feels that it is finally becoming easier to live it. I don't know exactly why they prescribed lansoprazole, but he had to take it as well and I think it was to protect his stomach from all the other pills he had to take. I'm sorry I couldn't be more helpful with other information. I wish you all the best and please keep the faith, no matter what!

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