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They can't find anything, but it's getting worse.

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Hi, my name is Alex, 28 years old, Male.

In 2014 i began to feel my heart pumping even in rest.(60bpm)

Now in 2020 i have problems even with light physical activities like stairs or walk in the park.

I feel shortness on breath, chest pain, plapitations and fatigue.

On the other hand the doctors can't find any evidence in:

Coronary angiogram(never had high blood pressure or cholesterol)


Echocardiogram(only small mitral valve prolapse)

24H Electrocardiogram(a couple of extrasystoles)

According to the doctors i should be in perfect condition.

But this is not the truth.

Is it possible to have some kind of heart failure?

Any opinion will be helpfull.

Thank you in advance...

28 Replies
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MichaelJHHeart Star

Hello and welcome to the forum! Have you ever had an exercise ECG? As you struggle with stairs this could be a relevant test. Personally I believe resting ones are of limited value as mine was normal despite four severely narrowed arteries. Do you mind me asking your BMI as this can sometimes have a major effect.

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vinixxx in reply to MichaelJH

Hello, thank you for your post.

I am 175cm tall and weigh 57kg (skinny guy)

And yes, i had an exercise ECG in 2016.

Nothing dangerous, only something called "sympathicotonia".

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MichaelJHHeart Star in reply to vinixxx

No weight worries then - maybe a little under even. I think your symptoms may be related to your sympathicotonia but know next to nothing about this. My suggestion would be to call the BHF nurses on Monday for advice as obviously your quality of life is badly affected. Let us know how you get on.

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Hi. Have you ever had your thyroid tested? This can effect every organ in your body. May be worth asking GP

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vinixxx in reply to LMor

Hi, i will speak about that with my GP.

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LMor in reply to vinixxx

When you speak to them ask them to test your Tsh, T4, T3 and Thyroid Antibodies. Good luck

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vinixxx in reply to LMor

Thanks a lot!

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Your cardiac testing has been comprehensive; any heart failure would have shown up on your echo.

Perhaps go back to your GP and see if he suggests any other non-cardiac avenues. Have you had complete blood tests?

I know this is a delicate question, but do you suffer from anxiety at all? The mind can considerably affect the body.

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vinixxx in reply to Fortepiano

Hello, this is good question.

In matter of fact i have Panic Disorder as part of Anxiety Disorder since a child.

My body reacts to stress with a lot of adrenaline.

And i belive, all this adrenaline through the years damaged my hearth.

I highly doubt that my brain can causes theese symptoms, because i managed to eliminate most of the stress factors for a while.

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Fortepiano in reply to vinixxx

It's perfectly likely that the adrenaline and anxiety causes your symptoms. The brain gets anxious, which causes a flood of adrenaline, which causes symptoms, which in turn causes anxiety - it's a vicious circle.

I think you should accept the findings of your numerous tests and your doctor's reassurances that they have not caused any permanent damage.

I wish you all the best - anxiety is a very difficult thing to live with.

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vinixxx in reply to Fortepiano

Thank you!

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Have you been evaluated by any other type of md?

Anything done by a pulmonary md? Do you have asthma?

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no, i had never problems with the lung.

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Dolphin14 in reply to vinixxx

Good news

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Since summer I had been experiencing blackouts, without any warning at all.

I had so many tests done. I had 48 hour blood pressure and heart recording gadgets attached to me. Absolutely every test came back clear. I don’t smoke or drink and am never poorly so it was a total mystery.

Just before Xmas I had surgery to have a loop recorder inserted in my chest. This picked up that my heart was totally stopping and I had emergency surgery to fit a pace maker.

Without the loop recorder and the home pack sending my heart information to the hospital every night, my condition wouldn’t have been picked up.

Maybe you could request a loop recorder ??? I’m now recovering but feel my condition has finally been identified and fixed and I can resume normal life again

Good luck

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I had similar symptoms and have been diagnosed with myocarditis. I think it's quite a hard one to diagnose, it was their initial suggestion but they were only able to confirm it by running two cardiac MRI's some months apart and seeing the change in inflammation. The reason I was sure it was a heart thing is that all my initial symptoms were only happening when the heart was beating faster, sitting down at rest I feel "almost" fine. I do now have heart failure though :(

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vinixxx in reply to nekeefe

what medication do you take now?

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nekeefe in reply to vinixxx

Colchicine (anti-inflammatory)

Bisoprolol (beta blocker)

Ramipril (ACE inhibitor)

Furosemide (diuretic)

I have a mitral valve prolapse,they say within normal limits but I have been feeling like yourself, nearly passing out sometimes,tired fatigued and feel I cannot pursue normal living some days. I am having it checked on March 2nd. I have bad palpitations also. I,ve never had high blood pressure either.

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vinixxx in reply to

Any medications relieved you?

In my case being at rest and avoiding efforts is the only way to feel good.

Otherwise shortness og breath, constriction and heaviness occur pretty much every time.

in reply to vinixxx

Yes ,very much the same as you! I do my housework in the morning and feel worn out just after an hour, tired breathless and fatigued. I was always doing something before this but tend to sit and watch television more nowadays.

I see you have a mitral valve prolapse too, I can,t help but feel this could be the reason why we feel the way we do. I don,t know why they have grades for replacement,they should base it on how we feel. You are a lot younger than me so valve replacement has a shelf life before it needs replacing again.

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Hi. I am a 37 year old female. I am a bit similar, although walking or going up the stairs does not trigger severe symptoms in me (maybe only on a bad day). Mostly for me it is things like doing actual exercise e.g. running, cycling. Anything I used to do easily I before I have to avoid now because of these symptoms. It started many years ago and got worse over time. However in the last 2 years it`s gotten much worse than ever before. It does feel similar to a panic attack or anxiety but I don`t understand why it is only triggered by exercise...I also have a mitral valve prolapse (congenital) and apparently very mild so no treatment required. I have had stress echo, ultrasound, 24 hour Halter monitoring. I wish they repeated the Halter though...I can sympathise with you. It is so frustrating not to know what is happening with your body. I just wish I new what the issue is...

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vinixxx in reply to baha-3

I believed a lot of years in this "anxiety" theory and now i know for sure,that it's not this.

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baha-3 in reply to vinixxx

Hi. Did you have any progress at all with the diagnosis? Have you ever been prescribed anxiety meds like Propranolol? My GP prescribed me some once but I never took them . They are heart meds apparently as well, they slow your heart rate

Hi! As I got older it got worse, I was active but get very tired . I still walk a lot but now have arthritis in my knees so I suffer with pain at the end of the day something else to add to the misery.

I started to get palpitations when I was 28,now 73. For years they couldn,t find anything wrong. I have read so many people with mitral valve prolapse which I have! Could there be a connection, I have always felt fatigue and breathless. I,m ok apart from fatigue, get tired quickly and aches and pains. I have Supraventricular tachycardia,mitral valve prolapse within normal limits. All my life I thought it was my nerves causing all this,it made me quite depressed at times. I worked and brought up 3 children. I sympathise with you because it does affect your life.

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40 years is such a long period, i am sure it is very frustrating.

All these depressive thoughts sometimes can be the worst feelings.

Аs far as i heard from a lot of doctors this mitral valve prolapse should be pretty much harmless.

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