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How long does it usually take to get your inr up to what it needs to be. I am on my fifth week and still under 2. I am on 10 mg every day this week then a recheck in a week. I started at 5mg and have gone up each week.

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Hi Evefay, From my little understanding achieving your target INR could depend on a wide range of factors and is highly individual. All I do is put my trust in the medical experts. It has worked for me over 37 years!👍😀

Thank you, all your advise has helped me so much.

I’ve been on warfarin for 20+ years everyone is different some might take 2mg and achieve their INR others might need more.

One important factor is to be consistent in your diet and alcohol consumption, yes I still have a pint at footy wouldn’t be footy otherwise, and a gin on a Sunday. Tho to be fair haven’t always stuck to this but I was younger and stupid!

The other thing to be aware of is your VitK consumption, again consistency is the key, VitK acts on the clotting cascade.

You will get there eventually


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Thank you for your help. This helps so much.

You will get there. These days they tend to err on the side of caution rather than give a bigger "loading dose" to start you off. As judes has said the amount of high vit K foods you eat may mean a higher dose but a lot of people find eating a normal amount of greens etc not restricting, makes their INR more stable in the long run as minor fluctuations in diet have less effect.

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You have all been so supportive!

It took me nearly two months to get stable on Warfarin. The Clinic will get you stable and it does take some time for the body to get used to the drug. I was like yourself under 2.1 all the time, but with a bit of jiggerling with the amount. I now take 4mg Tuesday and Friday and the rest of the week 5mg. Hope this gives you some peace of mind. I know how worrying all this can be. You will be OK.

I am more at ease with it now. Thank you.

I agree with the other replies. As a relatively new user - since Aug this year I haven't a lot of experience except to say that I self injected for the first week until they were satisfied that I was somewhere in the 2-3 range. I'm surprised that they've let it go for 5 weeks with you having a reading less than 2, but I'm certainly no expert.

They talked about a shot to get it within range sooner but the cardiac nurse was ok with it taking longer because I am not in afib right now. I had an ablation in 2/2018 and have only had one episode in June of this year for which I am thankful. I actually have read of some people taking months to get in range so I feel better now. Thanks for your reply.

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