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Vitamin D

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Just wondering if it is ok to take vitamin D supplements with heart meds, or even to increase vitamin D rich foods.

Currently take: Ivabradine, atorvastatin, losartan, aspirin, amlodipine, amitriptyline.

15 Replies
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Hi there, I was recommended to take a Vitamin D supplement by my GP about three months ago as I had an ‘insufficiency’ and I am on various heart meds.

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Hi, This might help you

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Mr_Spoon in reply to Lezzers

Thanks for the link, lots of info to digest.

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Hi I take a vitamin D calcium tablet twice a day which I’ve been taking before my heart op. Broken bone that took a long time to heal showed a had a lack of vitamin D

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Yes, I take vitamin D every day during winter and I am on the full cocktail of medications too for my heart condition. I don’t take it in summer as we live in the south of France so I get plenty of sun shine then! I have never had any problems taking the vitamin D supplement.

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Yes - my hubby has it on prescription from his GP as he was low, also folic acid and vitamin b12.

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I take a vit D tablet every day as I was diagnosed with low levels a while ago, before my heart condition emerged. No ill effects.

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I'm currently on Bisoprolol 1.25mg+300mg aspirin once daily - I take a 'D' every night (I live in NE Scotland;) ). When I went on the beta blocker my GP (and later the cardiologist) asked if I was taking Vitamin D and if not to get straight on it; she made a point of telling me it would not be a problem with my medications.

But the best most reliable advice is going from to be your GP. cardiac nurse, or cardiologist. What works for us may be the worst thing ever for you and only your medical team can say for sure what is best for you.

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Mr_Spoon in reply to Sunnie2day

Ok, thanks, just such a long waiting time to see doctor, usual story. Thanks for advice.

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Gladwyn in reply to Mr_Spoon

You could ask your pharmacist.

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Hello, I also take vitamin D everyday , and also co-enzyme Q10. No issues as far as I can tell.

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I take Vitamin D every day during the winter and am on the full cocktail of heart drugs. I asked the pharmacist when I was prescribed the heart drugs in hospital and checked again later with my GP and they both agreed the vitamin D was fine to take. In fact the pharmacist said that everyone should be taking it.

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You can check any contraindications on the internet but don't think there are any . I also have osteoporosis and am on a calcium & vit D supplement - heart nurse told me lots of heart patients are & no problem.

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Sunnie2day in reply to 45sue

Not to start a row here but 'checking on the 'Net' for contraindications isn't advisable, especially for heart patients.

I checked online for something and if I'd been foolish enough to follow that 'advice' I'd be even more unwell than I currently am. The online 'advice' was it's ok to take to as much pseudoephedrine as I wanted with Bisoprolol...the truth is it can cause significant problems when taken with certain beta blockers (and other heart medications) and should never be taken without consulting the medical team. I talked with the GP and cardiologist and they gave me the advice I could trust.

No-one should be 'checking online' and then taking the decision an over-the-counter medication is safe to use whilst taking prescription heart medication - NO-ONE - even for something as 'simple and safe' as a vitamin.

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Peileen in reply to Sunnie2day

Hi Sunnie2day You won't catch me taking pseudephedrine ever again. I was taking on GP's advice Sudafed OTC 60mg 4x a day for bad ear infection instead of antibiotics. I had a terrible time. Fell in the house a couple of times and was 'hyper' and couldn't sleep. Because of the falls was sent to the stroke unit where my usually low BP was 150/95. Doctor wasn't sure if it was a TIA. However, subsequent CT scan and other tests like 24hr Holter showed a small brain lesion and paroxysmal AFib so these discoveries helped bring about monitoring by doctor. But never, ever will a Sudafed pass my lips. In fact Sudafed is the main ingredient of Methamphetamine and on that TV programme Nothing to Declare it's not allowed into Australia. Other countries have also banned it. So, an interesting point you've raided Sunny2day.

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