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Have you been affected by heart failure? We need your help!

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Hi all,

I wanted to share a great opportunity to help inform new approaches for heart failure care.

At the BHF we've been developing a grant funding programme to help organisations develop new and exciting approaches that address unmet needs for heart failure patients.

We want to make sure the projects we fund are important and relevant to patients so we're looking for people affected by heart failure to be part of the committee who make the funding decisions and a wider reference group to share your views.

If you've been affected by heart failure (as a patient, carer or family member) and would like to get involved, please do take a look at the role profile and complete our Expression of Interest form here: bhf.org.uk/how-you-can-help... by Wednesday 6th November.

If you have any questions about this role please contact us at heartvoices@bhf.org.uk or call 0207 554 0426.

Thanks everyone!

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Wow, at last ! A patient's perspective is definitely needed in the NHS with regard to Heart Failure.

Having recently had a heart attack and having received no help since being diagnosed with HF about 5 years ago, complicated by living a reclusive lifestyle and a recent diagnosis of ptsd brought on by HF and the aging process - I could write your new P&Ps across all your categories.

This was a small but very interesting part of a job I used to do with the advent of private hospitals in the 1980's.

So good to hear this Helen !!!

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I opened your link that describes what the role involves and in the first sentence it says people with heart ❤️ failure are a burden on the NHS.

The NHS is there to treat any type of illness. We are of no more a ‘burden’ to the NHS than people with kidney failure or alcoholism or diabetes.

This is an offensive way to describe us. I have worked and paid into the pot.

Why doesn’t the BHF release funds that they are sitting on to relieve this ‘burden’? Heart failure uses 1% of NHS funding.

On the news last night there was a story about the bank accounts of charities and a war veteran with PTSD. He had attempted suicide twice this year and the military charity that refused to help this unfortunate man are sitting on a bank account fund of £270 million pounds.

How dare you describe us as a burden. I will be checking the funds collected by the BHF and I was interested in applying for this position in the but I am no longer interested. If it wasn’t for us we would not be where we are scientifically with the wonderful treatments available.

We are making the BHF and the pharmaceutical companies and Medtronic which makes devices like ICD defibrillators a lot of money

I volunteered to have a catheter ablation done for research funded by an organization outside the NHS. They were testing wether cryotherapy or radiation was most effective at treating atrial fibrillation in young patients. Under 50 is ‘young patient’ in cardiology.

Before I had heart failure I was a blood donor so I give back too.

I suggest you edit this information and not describe us as a burden.

It is inappropriate and offensive.

Walter McDonald

Kingston Upon Thames

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