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Coronary Artery Disease


I had a. Right Coronary Artery stent placement for a 80% blockage on 10/10/19. I'm was suppose to return to work on Wednesday the 10/17/19 but the nurse called this morning and gave me until the 21st. I'm an Assistant Manager at Walmart I'm just woreied with the chest pains and the tiredness I have when walking that I won't be able to keep up right now has anyone had this procedure and went on to be Great. Because of now I don't see me speed walking through the store

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MichaelJHHeart Star

Hello and welcome to the forum! Was the stenting pre-planned or following a heart attack? This makes quite a difference.

Ladywalker in reply to MichaelJH

No it wasn't preplanned due to me having had quite few of episodes of chest pains that were waking me up out of a deep sleep or walking the floor at work or just sitting as well as the heart ablation I had in 2018 along with them finding that I had a Moderate leak in my aortic Valve they wanted to take a closer look to see why I was having the episodes They performed a Heart Cath and found the blockage

MichaelJHHeart Star in reply to Ladywalker

As there have been other heart issues I would say two weeks minimum and then phased over a couple of weeks, such as two or three days, or mornings only initially. Good luck!

Hi Ladywalker, and welcome :)

From the date format and the fact you work at Walmart I assume you're on the other side of the pond?

Obviously, guidelines may vary in different countries but i the UK they suggest returning to work may be possible (obviously depending on the work!) a week after a planned angioplasty but "several weeks or months" if it was an emergency procedure following a heart attack. It sounds a though yours was somewhere in between.

I had a single stent in my LAD following a (fairly minor) heart attack and was back in work after a week BUT I'm self employed so the business really "needed me" and my work (as a watch repairer) isn't exactly physically demanding.

What I will say is that, in my case at least, the tiredness improved surprisingly rapidly. At 4 days post procedure I was till pretty flaked out, I think more from the emotional stress of it all than any actual physical effect. But certainly within the first couple of weeks I was feeling better than I had in years.

Many UK employers seem to be pretty understanding when this sort of thing happens and are willing to work out phased return plans. It's really not in their interests to have someone back on full duties before they're physically ready for it!

I have no idea what attitudes in the US are like, but would it be possible to approach them about returning but limiting your work to the lighter duties initially? That way they don't risk losing an employee to complications and you get to build you confidence back up by showing yourself that you're up to the task gradually :)

I'm trying to build my strength back up with ealking and the job doesn't want to loose a Valued employee😁 I belive everything will be better in a week Thank you for replying

Walking is good but be warned - as your fitness improves it can become addictive :D

Lol I look forward to it

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