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Off the Beta Blockers!


As a follow-up to my first post on here, finally had my cardiology appointment today.

Apart from a slightly debatable blood pressure reading of 127/62 (into the room, on the scales, sit down, pressure taken, and back in the waiting room within 90 seconds - sure that's not how it's meant to be done!) he was happy with my average home readings of 102/61 morning, 100/62 evening & morning pulse of 48bpm over the past month and agreed I could stop the bisoprolol!

Celebrated with a gym session this evening but couldn't really push it after doing 3 1/2 very hilly miles yesterday - the heart was willing but the legs went on strike. Think I finally ran out of carbs :D

Been extra active this week (logged 383 of my 150 minutes exercise for the week) so going to take a couple of days off and see how things feel on Thursday with the drugs hopefully out of my system :)

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Good for you!

Did you request to come off Bisoprolol or was it your GP's idea?

Thanks for posting by the way.

I'd asked my GP back in June after I'd (genuinely) forgotten to take them a couple of times on days I was in the gym and found it sooo much easier to work out (was only on 2.5mg but it really made a difference!)

She wasn't willing to stop them without a consultant agreeing but was (reluctantly) ok with my suggestion that i might accidentally forget them twice a week for the gym, so that's what I'd been doing :)

Today was first follow-up at the hospital since the stent last November and he seemed happy with the figures and my complete lack of heart symptoms so, when I asked him if it would be possible to stop them to help the workouts, he agreed straight away.

I was sort of expecting to have to fight more!

I am curious- did he say you could just stop or taper down. I am also on bisoprolol 1.25 and so tired. HR about 49 sitting down and bp about 110/69. I have been discharged but might see gp as it's so hard to do exercise with feel so sluggish. Well done to get off them.

From 2.5mg he was happy for me to just stop them.

I'd found the difference between resting HR and BP between days when I took them and mornings after a day I'd skipped for the gym (so, 48 hours from the last dose) was only a couple of BPM and my BP was quite often actually lower that morning - I guess because of the workout the day before.

Obviously, will be keeping an eye on things for any unexpected changes but it'll be nice to find out how much of the improvement is me and how much was the pills!

wiltsgirl in reply to Caitlyn6

I was on 1.25mg and asked my GP to stop about 8 months after my bypass. She said just stop as the dosage was quite low and it made such a difference to my energy levels. Good luck x

Not sure how much of it is psychological but, having taken the last one on Sunday morning (skipped yesterday for the gym and stopped today) I've been buzzing all day.

Heart rate has been a lot more responsive to what I'm doing, but settling happily in the mid 50s if i sit quiet for a few minutes. Will see how BP goes over the next few days but was still 102/63 this morning so no sudden jump yet.

It did cause one small problem this morning when I was servicing a 1940s watch - Status Quo were playing and I found it REALLY hard to get the bits in place with my head bopping side-to-side in time with the beat and laughing :D

I’m still on Ramapril, sounds like you’ve got it nailed!

I'm still on Candesartan 5mg (switched from Ramipril because of the cough), aspirin & Atorvastatin but happy to continue those (at least for now) because they don't seem to have side effects for me.

I battled on with Ramipril and only on 1.25mg then the same as you with aspirin and Atorvastatin. Battling with menopause at the moment and HRT!

Thought I might keep this going with updates about how it goes (for me) stopping from 2.5mg of biso. If there are bumps along the way then it might help others decide if they're thinking of doing the same.

So far it's 72 hours since my last dose and haven't noticed any significant difference in BP or heart rate.

Both seem to be a bit more dynamic than they were (which I guess is to be expected) but morning readings are still around 100/65 and 54bpm. I have noticed that heart rate is increasing a lot quicker (though not necessarily higher) on exertion, but it's also dropping quickly once I stop.

One thing I have noticed yesterday evening and this morning is a bit of anxiety - partly i guess because I've got so used to the pills being my friend and probably partly because adrenaline is starting to actually do what it's meant to again.

Nothing too drastic, and easy enough to rationalise seeing as the reasons are fairly clear, but a little uncomfortable at times all the same.

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