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Enlarged heart


Had a chest xray which has shown an enlarged heart. That coupled with high blood pressure.

Having to have ecg and heart scan etc ... I know there are a lot of people a lot worse than this, so I apologise. I have a young son and am so scared that I will not see him grow up. I'm 46. Sorry but just need to get it off my chest .. I'm in shock

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MichaelJHHeart Star

Hello and welcome to the forum! All the tests will be to indentify the underlying cause of the enlargement, of which there are different types. Once this has been done treatment to stabilise and sometimes reverse the situation can begin. If you follow the cardiologist's advice, make recommended lifestyle changes and take any medication prescribed there is every chance you will see your grandchildren!

Do avoid Dr Google as it is full of out of date and incorrect information much if which is totally negative! I would recommend you stick to the BHF and NHS websites.

Hi welcome to the forum. I agree with Michael. I too like you have an enlarged heart, after doing a lot of complaining and finally getting an xray. Have had ecg and other tests done. If you are worried go back to your GP. Try not to worry yourself too much, I know easier said than done.

Regards Dee.

Fergus820 in reply to DD13

Thank you for your reply Dee,

My anxiety levels are so high at the moment that my blood pressure is through the roof. I know that there is nothing I can do to change it and that I am now on the path to getting help. I just didn't see it coming. Had a chest x ray for something completely different. I am however thankfull really that this has shown up. Bearing myself up also thinking if I lost weight etc etc .. I wouldn't be in this position. I have no other sighs of heart failure, so I am thankfull of that. It's just a waiting game now for tests and results. I know that there are a lot of people in worse positions than me. But I've never been so scared in my life about my health.


DD13 in reply to Fergus820

Hi Naomi l know how you feel. I knew for along time some thing was not right. I passed out at work was told all ok. Said I will carry on with the breathlessness and chest pain. To be told I had never said that before! Which I replied I had been complaining to my normal gp for a long time. So then sent for the xray hence lungs fine heart larger than it should be. Put straight on aspirin statin and given gtn spray possible angina? Ended up being a missed birth defect and a little narrowing of the arteries. Gtn stopped. Got to stay on other two. Having another echo in a year's time? We know our own bodies, just at times takes a long time to get anyone to really listen you.

Regards Dee.

rainbow58 in reply to DD13

mine was detected by chest xray .havent had any tests done -no scan,

emerich in reply to rainbow58

You said you'd had blood tests that were clear? And your ecg was fine. Doesn't sound like Gp thinks you need further tests after those results.

rainbow58 in reply to emerich

the other gp who arranged the chest xray said an ecg and a scan were the next step.bloods do not always prove something is normal.

Athritis can be sero-negative.Pagets Disease is another,

emerich in reply to rainbow58

Seems like results from bloods and ecg show you don't need a scan, surely that's good news. Sorry don't understand the relevance of arthritis and pagets?

Respected Fergus 820,

Thanks to the ALMIGHTY that your heart enlargement was deducted well before having any symptoms of heart failure. Stick on to the meds, follow the life style modifications / exercise regimen as advised by your cardiologist and it's cent percent sure that you'll lead a very normal life with a highly extended life. The enlargement will also recover and revert back to normal size within a period of time.

Don't worry about this, since you are in an early position which is totally reversible.

All the best

Fergus820 in reply to Vivi2711

Thank you so much for your reply, it means a lot.

I have read lots of things about it being non reversible. I know I need to stay away from Dr Google.

I am thankfull that I am aware of it now.


Hi just been diagnosed with the same today, cause is high blood pressure, hows things so far with yourself, my gp didn't say anything about refer to cardiologist

i was diagnosed with a racing heart following a review and an enlarged heart by XRAY.the gp said she would then do an ECG.This did not happen.I saw a GP yesterday and asked if i should be on meds for these,.the response was "your bloods were normal".A blood test may detect heart disease but an enlarged heart?I experience persistent pressure and pain on my left side and it worries m e that the gp doesnt consider it a concern,.I havent had a scan or been referred to cardiology. The gp recently changed my meds for my Raynauds saying "they were not working for me" but i hadnt seen gp re my raynauds as controlled by the meds,I then got a call from the pharmacy saying i should have my BP checked fortnightly .it turns out the meds are for high blood pressure .mine is normal.i told gp what pharmacist said to which he replied they are for your raynauds -current meds are discontinued,.Am worried and nothing being done,

HiddenThis reply has been deleted

Blood tests can show enlarged heart. From what you've said before your heart rate was raised on your review? A one off high rate is not unusual. I suggested at the time that you could borrow a blood pressure monitor from your Gp and record your bp and pulse for 1 or 2 weeks, twice a day. Did you try that? At my post heart attack check up my bp and pulse were quite high, leading the consultant to increase my bp meds. As I knew my bp is generally low my Gp suggested I monitor for 2 weeks and I actually had my bp med decreased. Known as white coat syndrome. Although something might be known to treat a particular condition, eg high bp they can often be used for other conditions, in your case raynauds. Pharmacists often suggest checks when a new med is started,this doesn't necessarily mean you have high bp.

rainbow58 in reply to emerich

Hi Emerich.

It was raised at 148 that was basck in september.i was watching a documentary on tv and the patient was given meds for racing heart and for enlarged heart.the other gp said she would do an ECG and heart scan which dids not happen.It is what is causing enlargement-it could be a leaky heart valve which in turn can lead to abdominal problems,I have no idea what is causing it,

Years ago gp referred me to cardiology for tests.They do not like making referrals, refuses to refer me to a rheumatologist saying my symptoms have been fully investigated,they havent -only ruled out one area./condition,

I did buy a BP/Heart monitor,Last tuesday i had severe abdo pain and pressure -I could not function -i was going to call 999 but as i had a gp appt two days later i waited til then,.-gp refused to address the problem .

I had to call 111 at 5am this morning -woke with excruciating pain on my left side and mid/upper abdomen pain/pressure.they send paramedics out -ECG was fine -heart rate 85, so thats good to know its back to a normal rate.

The gp changed my meds from Coracten saying "they were not working for me." i dont know why as i have never said about my Raynauds as meds kept it under control,last visit this changed to Coracten are discontinued.

I have more faith in pharmacist when they do med reviews.My BP is still in normal range,

emerich in reply to rainbow58

As I said a one off high reading of 108 wouldn't result in meds for it. Your blood test was clear, and your ecg. So what readings did you get from your monitor?

A pharmacist gave me wrong advice which would have left me in trouble healthwise if I'd listened to them, so I dont have the faith in them that you seem to have. You need to be sure the pharmacist knows your history before taking their advice without checking with your Gp.

Hi Fergus, I too have an enlarged heart, after a long haul flight was diagnosed with a DVT and on the xray I was told i had an enlarged heart when referred to cardiologist turns out I've got left ventricular impairment also and left bundle branch block. It does stress you out at first but stress is the worst thing for a heart condition so think positively I've been told with the modern cardiology tablets today I will live a normal life I'm sure you'll be fine... Its the not knowing that causes anxiety & stress so try not to worry. Hope this helps and good luck. Phil

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