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We were with Stay Sure last year but my son whose 18 has now been declined insurance. He has mild aortic root dilation, mild mitral prolapse, ventricular ectopy and some investigations waiting to be carried out. None of these are particularly threatening to him and I’m concerned that his insurance has been turned down by Stay Sure who are recognised for covering pre existing medical conditions.

They’ve given me a brokers website called BIBA but I’m just wondering if anyone on here has successfully insured a young adult for traveling as the advisor said their questions are more geared to older people. It takes so long to answer all their questions, I can’t face going through all the numbers on the brokers website as there’s hundreds!

Many thanks

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I would have thought the issue is he's under investigation rather than it being his age. BIBA is really just a list of British insurers not necessarily those who cover medical conditions. They are a number of insurers on the BHF website who cover heart conditions give them a call bout it. They may agree cover but with restrictions if his under investigation, they have done that before.

Thank you for that. He’s with one on their website and they didn’t offer restrictions but yes I agree it could well be the investigations that are the issue, albeit just Holter monitor and exercise test so not anything mind boggling but the trouble is the nuances of the answers are lost when the computer says no!

try goodtogo?

My husband was under investigation for cognitive issues, he has memory issues due to a brain injury. The insurers covered him for all his medical conditions and he's got a few!! But they wouldn't cover him for anything to do with his memory!! We always ring the insurer for a quote as we find the websites are only good if your medical condition is uncomplicated. I hope he gets his insurance, very unhelpful of your advisor to say its age related & just point you in BIBA's direction, there must be thousands of young people with heart conditions who get insurance with no problem.

I spend hours every year going through things on the phone, like I did today, best part of an hour and he’s already on their system so it’s disheartening at the end of it all they decline him.

Glad to hear your husband is covered, well all but his memory, again the nuances make the answers bizarre but good outcome nonetheless.

Thanks for your help.

Yes, it would make life so much easier if details were kept on the insurers records, I'm sure they must be there somewhere!! The BHF were looking into providing insurance themselves, keeping records was one of the suggestions I made. Insurance is such a nightmare, you have to be so sure you're telling them everything. My husband forgot to tell them he passed out in hospital due to being given too much tramadol after a non heart related operation when he phoned back to tell them they charged another £2.50!! If he hadn't phoned them back would this have invalidated the cover???

Oh wow that was a close call! Yes you have to trawl through the hosptial letters to make sure you don’t omit anything. 6 months ago they said they’d do the exercise test the following month and we’re still waiting for a date which of course means we’re still in limbo for insurance. That would be amazing if Bhf did insurance. In fairness there aren’t many people who don’t have a something or another and of course I understand the companies can’t shell out of everything but if most people are that ill then they won’t travel anyway! Arghhh. Thanks for reply and fingers crossed for some more user friendly answering and insurance alike.

Let us know if he gets cover

You could try Goodtogo. However, I suspect it is the investigations. Insurers generally won't cover any undiagnosed conditions. I am due to have a monitor fitted...the cardiac nurse has told me that she thinks it is just ectopic beats but wants confirmation...i am buying a new house and want some life insurance and no insurer will touch me until the results are through. I had a similar experience with a bowel problem...whilst waiting for an appointment, the insurers would not offer insurance. The only way around it as a very last resort is exclude the heart conditions but of course i wouldn't recommend that at all!

It’s so tricky isn’t it? My son has had lots of monitors over the years and really it’s just an observational thing but because the computer system is generalised it just says no and won’t let you move forward or around it. He’s also had lots of exercise tests and always been fine. At the moment he is transitioning from the paediatric clinic to an adult hospital who are carrying out their own tests and herein lies the problem. I can’t let him go off traveling without insurance and for the first time on his own so am slightly panicking at this stage.

Very best of luck for clear and easy results and getting your insurance done and dusted. Thanks for the reply.

Transition Time. Yeah I had issues then as-well.


Stay sure refused me insurance earlier this year , not a problem I insured with insure and escape, price was excellent, give them a try

Brilliant! Thank you.

I didn’t knowA thing abou5 Boots insurance but a friend of mine had had cancer and she was told to ring boots insurance and got the insurance. She told me and I rang up in December I was waiting for cardioversion and contacted boots who insured me but then if feb when I told them I was waiting for pacemaker they couldn’t I sure me as I was waiting for the pacemaker. Give them a try it’s worth it. I was going to get insurance with stay sure and when my husband said have you got a note of her atrial fibrillation he said yes and said hang on a minute because I was waiting for cardioversion they would t I sure me.

Ahh thank you for that. It’s a logistical minefield. I think there’s mixed feeling on Boots going by another thread on here. My son was with Stay Sure and nothing really changed they just wouldn’t accept him this year.

Ok, great news! Thank you so much to all of you who have replied, helped and advised. I tried the first on the list which was


and after and hour and 15 minutes we’re all insured again! I’m so delighted. They were really good. I explained my situation and named all the stuff up front which the lady put in the system and said yep that’s all fine we can cover that. Then obviously we had to go into more detailed stuff.

Also, because you have to tell them about pretty much each time you’ve had a cold in the last two years, I’m going to go to receptionist in gps and ask for a print out of visits for last two years. Just so everything is mentioned on there. An example I was giving was if you forgot to mention that you’d been to the gp for an ear infection, you then maybe got balance problems from that and fell over on holiday, had you not declared it you wouldn't be covered, whereas if you mentioned it, it may not even cost any more but you’re covered.

For platinum cover all in for my son individually is £166. That’s just European but all the bells and whistles and I’m so happy to pay that knowing if worse case scenario he needs attention abroad he’s covered.

Anyway, so for rambling but this thread has been invaluable to me. Thanks again and best of luck to you all.

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