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Hi. I have been told in the past that people with heart disease need to keep cholesterol levels low. I had a blood test done and these are my results.

Low Plasma ALT 7iul

S E non HDL cholesterol 5.8

Plasma total cholesterol 7.2

Plasma triglycerides 2.06

Plasma HDL 1.4

Plasma LDL 4.9

Total cholesterol HDL Ratio 5.1

Is this good. Sadly couldn't speak to Dr about them. Am currently awaiting cardiac appointment and perfusion test. Thanks

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You really need your GP to talk you through these results. They're not terrible, but neither are they where you really want them to be. The good news is that a combination of medication, diet, and lifestyle changes can make a big and lasting difference to your cholesterol levels.

The British Heart Foundation (the sponsors of the forum) have some excellent information on cholesterol and actions you can take to move your results in the right direction,


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The cardiac rehabilitation nurse told the group that the cardiologist prefers us to have cholesterol less than 4:00. Those results look on the high side to me. Sorry.


However, as Chappychap has said, they are not that bad and you can obtain information from this forum by using the link that was provided. There was a TV documentary about a grossly overweight person with a BMI of over 120 so please remain focused on what you can do and not what is impossible for these figures can be frightening just because you have never seen the before and they are not that bad but do need addressing. Best of luck


Was that the one of the American woman who was around 45 stone. She had a gastric band fitted but then refused to mobilise or stick to any form of diet. She thought losing 6lb in a few months was good. The consultant's frustration was clear to see!


One problem with these programmes on extremes is they make people who really need to lose weight for health reasons feel 'oh I'm not so bad whatever my doctor says'.

Cholesterol targets are not impossible, though they can sometimes take a lot of effort to achieve.


These are actually very poor results and you need to get your cholesterol down.

For people with heart disease the targets are:

Total cholesterol below 4

LDL below 2

If you are on a statin you need a stronger one / higher dose. You also need to really focus on your diet.

I see you have already had 2 heart attacks and 7 stents, so this is something you really need to get under control.

Just make sure you have your cholesterol tested regularly and increase the dose or switch to a stronger statin as necessary to achieve the targets. It can be done!

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Totally agree with these numbers. For the healthy they are 5 and 3 although I think an LDL of 3 is not really acceptable.


Thanks for your reply I will be having a chat with my cardiac nurse about the results and see about increasing the dose of statin. X

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Have you had a look at lifestyle changes that you can make so that you can avoid taking more drugs?


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