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Chest pain 2 years after stenting


Hi, I have had 2 MI's one in 2011 when I had 2 stents put in RCA and another MI in 2017 when I had a further 5 stents put in. Things have been going well. Over the past 2 months I have started to experience chest pain again so have started using gtn spray again. Yesterday I was in hospital as pain would not go away. I'm fine and at home cardiac have put me on isosorbide and am waiting for appointment for perfusion test. Has any one else had pain 2 years after stenting.. could it be more narrowing?


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Stents can block (a process known as restenosis) either because of not making the lifestyle changes required, the body rejecting the stent or even just bad luck. You have CVD and the narrowings may not even be at the stents but elsewhere. The various tests will identify where and lead to an appropriate course of treatment. Good luck!

If you have stents you have at least 1 blocked or blocking artery. If you have had bypass surgery you have at least 1 blocked artery. I have had 5. I recommend that you watch the film "Forks Over Knives". It will show you that you can clear out your arteries. It is on a website of the same name, Netflix, YouTube. It is about medical dietary research, including a massive study of 800,000 Chinese people. You might find it helpful, I did.

The ideal BP is 120/80. Mine has been as high as 240/140 but went down to 190/100 with treatment in 2016. I still had a mini-stroke in 2017 though. I started a Whole Food Plant Based (WFPB) lifestyle in March 2018. My BP is now 120/80.

The ideal cholesterol is below 5. Mine was 6.5 for years, nothing budged it until this diet. It is now 3.7.

My weight was 14.5st and is now 12.5st, the same as when I was in my twenties.

I believe that this means that my arteries must be clearing out.

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Thank you jimmyq I will take a look at that. Anything to stop the pain and stop the use of GTN spray..

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