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Microvascular Angina (CSX)


Hi I have a cardiologist appointment next month at last. My symptoms are daily ☹️ I get pain in my chest and surrounding area mostly at rest, it goes in to my neck, jaw, and down my left arm. I use my GTN spray it helps ease the discomfort. Tightness, heaviness, pain and occasionally I get a few sharp pains, Breathlessness, lightheaded etc.

I am on beta blockers, statins, Angina medication, blood thinners the usual medication. All recent test results are clear as expected with MVA.

I have now had to give up work as I have been off since December last year when I was admitted into hospital for a week as I have quite a sever attack. Come out with unstable angina and loads of meds. As this happens mostly at rest I am unable to work or drive at the moment.

I do not go a day without some sort of attack of the symptoms above ranging from 6 out of 10 to 10 out of 10. Using my GTN spray all the time. Called ambulance a couple of times. The paramedic being brilliant stating cardiac ischemia and treating me with ECG, morphine to help with pain no complaints. Can't praise them enough. Once arriving at hospital the opposite then starts. Waiting around for ten hours or more only to be told it’s ok you can go home now after seeing doctor for about 5-10 minutes. Once being told I had indigestion.

My quality of life at the moment is non existent. I use to play golf two or three times most week in the summer months, a couple of nights after work in the week and a full round at weekends. Even through the winter months once a fortnight at the weekends. But now I cant even think about it. I try to go for a walk around the block or local park when the weather is ok as the cold affects me as well. I get slight pain and discomfort whilst doing this as well when I do some house work.

sorry for having a moan but seen other people speak openly on here before and thought it might help.

Thanks for reading.

Barb xx

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I feel for you. My angina is far less regular but I still know how upsetting and worrying this is. I like to travel but I feel my life is on hold as still not had a proper diagnosis (or at least not one that travel insurance companies approve of ).

I've seen others on here highly recommending the Heart Foundation nurse helpline . Would it help to chat to her?

Barb959 in reply to elliebath

I didn’t think it would be something they would want a call about really. I might give them a call,

Thank you

elliebath in reply to Barb959

That's what they are there and trained for. Hope it helps 😊

I can't say I know how you feel because I have heart failure and have not as yet had angina but my husband has suffered on and off for 30 years so I've been through all the night runs to hospital, paramedics who are amazing and h.f. nurses. The worst is that lying on a trolly waiting to be sorted, watching every doctor walk by in anticipation. The not knowing is so painful! I wish I'd had this forum during that time. I only discovered it when I was diagnosed with h.f. last year. I hope you get the treatment you need.

Barb959 in reply to Love100cats

Thank you, take care x

Hi Gunsmoke, I am on Isosorbide the hospital put me on it in December 90mg then they replaced it with Ranexa 375mg, but my go has put me back on isosorbide but only half a tab30mg a day. So hopefully when o go and see the cardiologist next month he may adjust them accordingly.


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