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Stress echo test found Inducible Ischaemia and mild Hypokinesia


I have to go in for a possible stent next Friday after they have found Inducible Ischaemia and mild hypokinesia.

Have to have an angiogram and am really scared about it especially when you read the risks.

Have been put on statins, beta blockers and aspirin and feeling very stressed.

Any reassurance would be great


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Pm’d U


Had mine in November. It’s a very common procedure you feel nothing. There is a risk in anything done to you but in this case it’s negligible. And it’s a life saver and improver.


No worse than having a tooth out these days. You can always ask if you can watch on the screen - it is quite incredible.


Hi I had exactly the same stress inducible ischaemia from an MRI stress test last year and had an angiogram a couple of weeks back. I also have a massive phobia of needles in my veins (I always collapse when having blood taken if not lying down) and was dreading the angiogram to the point that my wife had to drag me to the hospital as I didn’t want it done.

Despite this the angiogram went fine, hardly felt a thing. they sedate you if you’re nervous and you hardly feel a thing! There is a team of about 6 clinicians all taking care of you and checking you’re okay throughout.

Better still the angiogram result for me was that the inducible ischaemia detected on stress MRI was an anomaly and a stent wasn’t needed.


Thanks for responding and I’m pleased everything was So positive for you.

I’m just worried about the risks and if something gets dislodged by the procedure.

I know this is unlikely but I can’t get it out of my head.

I’m not sure what they will find but hopefully it will be easily treatable.

I will let you know how it goes.


Yes I understand exactly as I focused on the same very low risks and worried too. The risks are very low, 0.002 of any complication so a 99.8% chance all will be fine and possibly even better than this as the chance of a complication is higher in an emergency angiogram for someone who has had a heart attack and is rushed in which is included in the risks quoted so for a planned non emergency angiogram the likelihood of success is >99.8%.


I should add that these are the risks I believe my cardiologist quoted but please check with yours; you should be able to discuss the risks with the cardiologist doing the procedure before they go ahead and this is the best time to discuss your concerns.


That’s making me feel better. I will discuss with them and trying to keep calm this week


Thanks for all of the positive responses.

Can anyone tell me if they have had a similar diagnosis from a stress echo without having had a heart attack before?


Had 1st Angiogram about 4 years ago, told I was fine, symptoms persisted mainly shortness of breath when walking up any incline. 2 years later another Angiogram and a 65% narrowing of artery found. Then went in with a view to having stent fitted (they did a wire test) and decided not ne essary and to treat with medication. 2 years on am sometimes struggling with walking on the flat and am they are trying out lots of meds. Korandil, Amlodipine, Metroprolol, Monorem and Ranexa (which costs about £250 a month) . They are not helping so and having another Angiogram. Hope it goes better than the last one which for some reason caused me to pass out and they administered Atropine and Oxygen. Frightening. Living in Cyprus now so will be even scarier not being able to understand them. Anybody else on this amount of meds.


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