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Scuba diving post stent fitting

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Morning everyone, Just a quick question.

After having a total of 7 stents fitted in 2 session after my initial HA, im now fully recovered and have completed my cardio rehab classes, and have gone on to private keep fit etc

Can I go back to Scuba diving, I asked the question to the nurses while having my second angioplasty and stents but never received an answer.

Has anyone with stents fitted been told they cant go scuba diving due to the change in pressures. Plus of course trying to get insurance if its even possible.

I will check with my GP / and raise it with my surgeon long term, but meanwhile I thought I would ask if anyone else has come across this from personnel experience.

Thanks Mike

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Hi Mike,

I too am a diver (past 36 years and a BSAC member) and have just recently been diagnosed with a PFO. I don't know much about stents, but I do know that before you dive you should have a medical as per UKDMC (UK Diving Medical Committee) ( Knowing that you have a diagnosed condition would probably mean that you would not be insured if you did not have a diving medical and declared your condition to your insurers. Hope this helps. Happy to answer any more questions if I can.

After my Quad bypass I went to Thailand with the intention to dive out there. I asked one of the doctors at the hospital if I would be ok to dive. He looked a little taken back but my surgeon overheard my question and said, as long as I didn't go too deep I should be fine. He told me to go enjoy life once more :) Worth asking your cardiologist though.

good luck


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