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Numb arms in the morning


Hello all,

My husband has recently been diagnosed with mitral valve prolapse and is waiting for surgery, this is my first post.

He was diagnosed a few months ago and has recently noticed increasing breathlessness and fatigue, which we understand is to be expected. However, he has also just started waking with numbness in both arms, anyone else experienced this? Is it ok?

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MichaelJHHeart Star

Hello and welcome to the forum! There are so many possible causes that no one here could make a diagnosis. He needs to see his GP!

Is he diabetic? I have seen this in poorly controlled Type II diabetics which has resulted in nerve damage (Peripheral Neuropathy) and/or circulation problems (Peripheral Arterial Disease).

Thank you.

Hi if I were you I would go to A and E your doctor isn’t a heart specialist, I had a mitral valve prolapse it was repaired at papworth in 2015 I never got a good diagnosis from a doctor like you I had a few problems breathless palpitations coughing fatigue but my Doctors surgery where you never see the same doctor doesn’t help, my condition was diagnosed by a technician at west Suffolk hospital not by any doctor and he referred me to cardiologist I have unfortunately no faith in doctors. So A and E you need to see a cardiologist

Is you husband taking statins? I read in a post on this forum that hand and arm numbness can be a side effect of taking statins. I switched to taking my statin in the morning and now don't notice this.

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