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Belated Happy New Year


Hope everyone had a happy and healthy Christmas and New Year.

Ours was lovely. I had my four children, their partners and children home to stay and it was such fun to have them all under the one roof.

Our hallway was a white wonderland with fake snow, trees, polar bears, penguins, arctic foxes, owls, etc., all in pristine white, glistening in the winter sun.

While twelve of us and the three babies had dinner, the dogs, of whom there were five including our Westie, marked their territories in the forest, which resulted in a yellow snow scene and an odour of “Eau de Toilette Publique” as soon as anyone entered our front door.

Keeping the three babies out of it thereafter was fun!

Have a great 2019 !

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Oh you paint a lovely scene what a magical photo - is that a slightly guilty or self satisfied look in your Westies eye!

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