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Recent Hospitalisation



Here's a change rather than giving advice seeking some.

Woke in the night ( Wed ) and again Thursday with lots of ectopic beats followed by quite a rapid pulse, Then a 3 or 4 second pause with what seemed like no heart beat at all !!! So rang Heart Nurse she said go to A & E. In A & E had an ECG which was showing lots of Ectopic and low HR 30. So off to a kind of triage holding area, hooked up to a monitor and a Nurse Practioner looking after me. Ectopic beat were every other beat, then 1 in 2 and 1 in 3 Pulse was going from around 30 to 70. Off to AMU with a telemetry device around my neck monitoring HR ECG etc which was being monitored in Cardiology ( No bed in Cardiology ) In AMU during routine BP HR, etc at 3 am !!! one Nurse turned to the other and said what's this gentleman in for ??reply was Brady and Tacky 30 to 70 again was the reading. MY Question, is 30 to 70 regarded as AF or does it need to be in the 70 to 140 range. Got moved from AMU to Cardiology and within an hour during rounds a young Dr just said Ectopic beats are nothing to worry about more or less saying I had a panic attack,and it was a rush of adrenalin causing more and more ectopic beats, So 2nd question I thought my 10 mg of Bisoprolol would have been enough to stop the adrenalin, and it must have been one hell of a panic attack lasting all day on their monitor. I felt it was all a little condescending seeing so I have had ectopic beats for almost 40 years and never worried about them, but this was different. The Nurse in charge of the ward was a little startled when I told her the Dr said I could go Home "what after the blip you had last night " yep so home I am with a few questions. Still Heart Failure Nurse tomorrow and I am hoping she can clear a few things up. Like why am I getting a rush of ectopic beats and pulse ranging from 30 to 70 at rest. Today ticking over nicely 107/59 and pulse of 34.

A Thought

I do think when you are being discharged it would be better to be in a room just to talk over anything, Rather than standing in a Ward surrounded by lots of people on the Drs rounds.

any reply gratefully accepted.


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I haven’t got the expertise to be able to comment on the detail of your post but just wanted to send best wishes and hope things have settled down. You have been so informative and reassuring to others and I hope you have got some answers and had no repetition in the interim

Take care

I have been plagued by 'ectopic' and arrythmias for years! They are really distressing and affect all that you do. I was finally diagnosed with a heart problem and had surgery. However, although successful I am still experiencing them! I could scream! On bisoprolol which help but don't get rid of them. Next appointment April. I really sympathise because I hate them and they really affect you in many ways. Let us know how you get on.

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