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How my AVR is going so far - day 11

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Hi everyone. Hope your Christmas preparations are going well. I'm progressing slowly and basically fine but can I put a quick question out to everyone?

I'm getting a bit of heart flutter. Not racing but sort of missed beats, sort of beat, beat, space, beat which as I say feels like a flutter in your chest. It seems to revert quite quickly to normal but is rather disconcerting. Often seems to happen after a bit of exertion (going up stairs etc).

I'm pretty sure I've read somewhere that this is quite a common side-effect and normally just sorts itself out over time. But has anyone else experienced it? And should I be worried?

Contemplating putting a quick pre-Christmas Day call into the ward just for reassurance. But thought I'd check here first in case it is a really common thing.

Thanks all and thoughts welcome!

Nic x

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Hi Nic

I didn’t experience that but I’m sure there will be loads on here who have and can put your mind at rest if not make the call to the ward as you suggest and they will tell you it’s s normal reaction but it’s always good to get that peace of mind so early after your op

Pete x

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Nic25 in reply to Ticktock61

Thanks Pete. Appreciated. Yes just put in a call. So will see what they say x

Hi Nic

I had some flutters - I’d call the ward for some advice . Yes, lots of odd beats etc until your heart settles down . I had strange involuntary sharp intake of breath which happened sporadically but then disappeared after a few weeks.

Good luck!


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Nic25 in reply to Alison1960

Thanks Alison! That's reassuring but have arranged to see the GP this afternoon anyway, as ward advised. On a separate note I've also ever since the op had that thing where sometimes your whole body jerks just as you're falling asleep and you feel like you're falling through the bed. Just for a second. Quite a weird one! Have a great Christmas x

Hi Nic

I had, and occasionally still have, little flutters - even showed up on my pacemaker when I had my check up. The technician said there was nothing to worry about, is quite common apparently, but good idea to get it checked with your GP to put your mind at rest.

Hope your recovery continues to go well and best wishes for a great Christmas and New Year.

Wendy x

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Nic25 in reply to Fredders

Thank you Wendy. That's reassuring to know but yes I've made a last-minute GP appointment x

So just to update. Saw the GP and all's fine, underlying heart rate and BP all stable, so should settle down but just to keep an eye on it, he reckons. So reassured and roll on Christmas! He was also mightily surprised (in a good way) as to how I seemed 11 days post-surgery. But thank you all for the really helpful advice as ever. This time on Christmas Eve - when everything has (or should have) been done - and you shut the doors to the world for Christmas is one of my favourites. So I'll leave you all in peace and hope you have great festivities all! X

Hi Nic,

here's a link to information about that falling sensation when you're dropping off to sleep.

One theory is because of emotional stress so I imagine it's pretty common on this forum!. Another is angels dropping you as you're falling asleep! Take your pick!!

Happy christmas.

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Nic25 in reply to isobelhannah18

Happy Christmas too isobelhannah18, hope you're having a good one. That's great, thanks. I like the angels idea! Yes it's something I've always experienced on and off just seems to be happening more frequently now! X

Hi Nic, I was having the same and feeling quite peculiar and really not quite right I also had a nose bleed on Christmas Day which was worrying, it was hampering my recovery as any exertion I was breathless, I had an ECG and it showed Atrial Fibrillation I have now been put on Bisoporol and I have to say after 2 days on it I feel so much better so don't hesitate to get it checked out.


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Nic25 in reply to DenHump

Thank you Denise that's handy advice, appreciated. Yes my GP was very good and everything seems ok (for now, touch wood). He did an ECG too, which I hadn't even realised the practice was able to do, which was all normal, so reassuring for Christmas! I'm currently just on paracetamol twice a day for the pain, then Candesartan for blood pressure and aspirin for the new valve, which all seems fine. Glad you're feeling so much improved too. Long may it continue! Thanks and happy new year Nic x

How are you now?

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Nic25 in reply to Numberone1

Hi Numberone1. Fine thanks. Making steady progress though still tiring easily. No more flutter as yet and gradually increasing the daily walking. So all good. Hope all's well with you too x

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