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Magnesium & cq10

Anybody got any ideas of a good magnesium I can take? I'm getting a lot of muscle problems now and weakness and although I've started to change my diet I really believe I'm probably magnesium deficient and statins are causing some of these issues..

I've read a bit about magnesium citrate and glycinate and see that glycinate is a lot easier on the stomach and easier to absorb.

So that's the one I've been looking at .

But just wanted others opinions who may know more?

Alot of people in the heart society recommend it because most Americans and us guys are are severely depleted in it.

Thank you

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Eat bananas, they have a high level of magnesium content.

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Lol OK. ..I eat plenty of them already.

I need more than bananas though I'm afraid.

But thank you


The advice of the NHS is that we should be able to get all the magnesium we need (plus all the other vitamins and minerals) from our regular diet. After all, that's what we've evolved to do!

In the case of magnesium eat sensible amounts of kale, spinach, oily fish, dairy, meat, nuts, brown rice and wholemeal bread and you'll get the required 300mg of magnesium each day.


I appreciate some people, for different reasons, might occasionally benefit from supplements. But taking dietary supplements can be a slippery slope. The list has a way of growing over time and before you know it you're spending a fortune at Holland & Barrett! I'd talk it over with your doctor first, you can easily be tested for magnesium deficiency and even if you do it privately it'll only cost you £29. You could spend that on supplements in no time!


Surely the best strategy is to only consider a supplement if you're absolutely certain there's a permanent deficiency and it's impossible to get the necessary from your normal diet.

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You should have the appropriate blood test before self diagnosing. As said in the post above magnesium is contained in many foods. Most supplements should be run past your GP if you have heart problems and are on associated medication.


The problem with blood tests for magnesium is that you need it in the cells but the blood tests only test the serum level, not the cellular one.

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Thank you Tynemouth

I was looking at for many reasons including a vasilidator because I'm experiencing a lot of muscle twitches cramps and aches all over the body.

Plus fatigue.

I never had anywhere near this kind of thing on the run up to being admitted for a stent procedure.

I believe I'm suffering angina but can't believe all of this is solely down to angina pain..

It's got to the point I've stopped going to the gym..

Really bad neck and shoulder ache for over two months now amongst other issues..

It's really getting to me and I'm thinking also that it could be the statins depleating the magnesium and Coq10 from my body


Hi Rob,

There isn’t an evidence base for taking magnesium supplements in muscle problems unfortunately.

That said some people do find that it helps. Magnesium citrate tends to be better absorbed than the others, I take 100mg a day. You can also get magnesium sprays which can be applied directly to the affected areas.

There is no doubt magnesium helps smooth muscle contractility, when I was nursing we used infusions to wonderful affect to treat acute exarcbations of asthma and some cardiac conditions. Be aware that people with impaired kidney function need medical advice before taking.


i too also agree that before delving in to self treatment that you see a doctor, i did a post on here regarding potassium problems and one of the second symptoms i got was muscular problems a blood test was carried out and confirmed the problem.

if it is magnesium then fair enough but without blood tests then it could be anything or something more serious going on, in the end it is not normal to get muscular problems like you are describing.

i have had more problems since and again they are coming back to check my bloods.


It may simply be that you need a change of statin.


You may well be right.

All the reading and research I've done indicates that magnesium supplements are very good for heart patients especially for relaxing them during twitches or spasms


You might need a complete overhaul under the proper supervision of qualified practitioners (who are also MDs) if you want to go down that road.


You can buy magnesium oil , which is magnesium chloride ,which is most easily absorbed. It is quite expensive .You can spray that directly onto the chest or wherever you need to. I read magnesium is sometimes used in emergency when someone is having a heart attack so it is an important mineral for the heart. You could also put epsom salts in a bath which is cheap or buy magnesium salts which are a bit more expensive.


Co enzyme 10 make sure it’s the ubiquinol type. It works scientifically proven and it’s very safe google it


Thank you

Yes I've heard of that name.

That's what I intend to find along with a form of magnesium.

I really think I'm deficient and need some kind of help with the cramps and spasms in enduring daily.

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Hello Rob - Like other comments I generally believe we can obtain most vitamins from a good balanced diet. Having said that I have opted to supplement my good diet with:

1. Vitamin D (D3 virabiotics brand)

2. Solgar Ubiquinol (this is a type of coenzyme Q10 that is more readily absorbed)

3. Solgar Magnesium 200mg

4. Solgar Acidophilus plus

There are many brands of course - I chose the above because Solgar appears to be a well respected manufacturer and there is evidence that there products contain the potency they advertise. I checked with a Pharmacist that they would not interact with my prescription meds.


Thank you so much for your reply.

What you are currently doing is exactly the route I was thinking! Mainly because I just don't feel I'm getting the essential nutrients etc from my diet even though I'm trying. Christmas and kids running around with copious chocolatedoesn't help lol..


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