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24hr monitor - how long for results?

As above really! Just wondering how quickly you would expect to get results back after returning a 24 hour monitor (4 lead).

Would it be normal to have them back inside a week?

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I think it may depend on who requested them and why !!! I have had them back in 2 weeks in the past.



I think the results may normally be reviewed by a Cardiologist so it maybe 2 or 3 weeks

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Thank you both. So to have them back within 2 days would seem a bit quick? I know usually people aren’t they complaining that they are too quick!

There is a bit of confusion, GP called me 2 days after saying all was normal on bloods and ECG and event recorder and to wait for 24 hour recorder at hospital. I said to him it wasn’t an event recorder but a 24 hour tape that health assistant at GP had fitted me with. He was surprised and said that isn’t what he had requested. So from this conversation I assumed that he had got mixed up and had only seen the 12 lead ecg done for 30secs at GP surgery which looked normal.

I’ve been waiting patiently for 3 weeks and have just called surgery to check and receptionist says that my notes show that GP has already told me that results are all normal. It surprised me that they could analyse all the data and have him feed back to me in 2 days of returning it to GP surgery without him knowing it was a 24 hour monitor that was fitted. But I dont know enough to assume they have made a mistake and don’t know what form results usually come back in.


Hello April_may If I were you I would speak with Dr again and ask if the normal ECG result was from a 24 HR test? I have had a similar experience in last and was given incorrect information. Don't feel you are being a nuisance you need to be clear


Hi my results took about 2 weeks to come back. They were initially reviewed by the specialist nurse then passed to the consultant as she had spotted a problem(complete heart block).


Thank you.


Hi. How long did you have to wait to have the machine. My cardiologist wants me to have it done but over 48hrs. Good luck with you results.


My one at GP was 2 weeks after initial appointment.

I also have another one booked by the hospital which is 4 weeks after I was admitted (I had gone to GP initially with chest pain and then whilst waiting the two weeks for the monitor I was then taken in to hospital as my heart rate went a bit nuts, hence two separate tests ordered)


Normally it takes a couple of weeks but my last 48 hour test was back later the same day that I dropped the monitor back to the hospital! They discovered I had third degree heart block. Both consultant and hospital clinic rang to say they'd booked me in for a pacemaker implant.

I hope you can sort it out with your GP because it sounds confusing.


I decided to do a subject access request for the test results. They were super fast in sending them through. And it turns out they had one page of 30 seconds from the first day when it was tested and that was it. How they thought that was the full 24 hours of results and that they could tell me it was all normal I have no idea.


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