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re AF and car insurance

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Hi Folks me again

I am such a nuisance, can anyone tell me do you let your car insurers know and if so does it it the premium up a lot. My husbands car insurance is due now and as you will all know by now (probably sick of hearing it haha) he has AF, the associated heart failure seems to have resolved. So wanted to know your experiences before I go into the lions den that is insurance

Many thanks

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I would advise always notifying your Insurer rather than finding it is invalid due to non disclosure ! I have had to advise mine AA in 2015 and 2018 of Stents and it did not result in increase premiums. Hopefully the same for you ... Good Luck

Hi, it is a legal requirement that you tell the DVLA of your medical condition, to not do so would invalidate your insurance, amongst other things. However, under the disability act it illegal for an insurance company to increase your premium, excess or penalise you in any way because of your medical condition.

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Don’t know if things have changed but I was told by cardio team and my car insurers that I didn’t need to inform them about HA and stents ! I was surprised but told insurers as a precaution. Also definitely didn’t have to inform DVLA. Don’t know if it’s different for AF


You should let them know, however as others have said it doesnt normally result in increased premiums. I assume he has the all clear from the doctors to drive?

Travel insurers are a totally different matter :0

Crikey! Never entered my head to advise either the DVLA or insurance company about my AF. I was under the impression that insurance companies required only notification if a condition was one the DVLA site, but, must admit, I never gave it a thought. Will have to have a look - thank you for making me aware.

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