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Struggling with VT'S


I had a dual chamber ICD fitted Aug 24th after discovering I have VT and returned back to work (reduced hours-20 hours over 4 days) October 8th. I have since been called back numerous times to the device clinic as I keep getting funny episodes of feeling unwell which theyve picked up on home monitor (breathlessness, light headed,feeling peculiar,feeling like I'm going to collapse) and on my most recent visit at clinic they said I'm still getting frequent VT'S and have yet again increased my bisoprolol to maximum dose 10mg. I'm trying to continue to work and lead a normal life but am really struggling to cope with these on a daily basis whenever I move around, climb steps etc. Was wondering if I should not be working while this is going on? as my job ( room leader of a pre school) is extremely stressful. Im not sure what to do as it could be a while until things improve for me.

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What a worrying time for you. It sounds like you are in good hands. The clinic are monitoring you and the medication has been reviewed and increased. You can have the peace of mind that the ICD will do its job too. As for stress it would be a good idea to talk to either your GP or your cardiologist to ask them for advise on working while things settle down. It is also a good idea to talk to your boss at work to see if they could give you something less stressful for a while.

Good luck and hopefully things will settle soon.

Regards Ron.

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