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Had a stent fitted now getting severe chest pains

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I had a stent fitted 10 weeks ago, and have been suffering quite severe pains to the left hand side of my chest, these can last for 24 hrs, I take paracetamol to ease the pain but without much success. I have also been told I have a small Hiatus Hernia. Could the pain I am getting be from the Hernia, Drugs or my bodies reaction to having the stent fitted. It really is playing around with my head, Any advice or Guidance would be appreciated.

11 Replies
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MichaelJHHeart Star

See your GP or ring 111 for advice. Nobody here can really offer a diagnosis. It seems to late to be a stent settling. With other medical issues it needs professional intervention.

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rakeman in reply to MichaelJH

Thanks MichaelJH, had it checked out at A&E they gave me an all clear for Cardiac, but said it could be muscle spasms due to my constant belching or reaction to some of the meds.

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If you had a recent stent then you must be under the care of a cardiologist. Go back to your GP and ask him/her to request a SOON follow up appointment with the cardiologist you’ve been treated by. Following my own cardiac problem, I would never rely on just ONE set of tests in A&E, I had a set of normal results which by chance were repeated two hours later and showed I’d had a heart attack - I’m not trying to alarm you, but you really mustn’t be fobbed off with ‘could be’s. I wasn’t stented after my heart attack, and thankfully medication has kept me well, but in the early weeks and months afterwards I did have constant chest aches and pains, (suspected to be coronary spasms). Once I was prescribed medication that specifically works to ease blood flow these aches and pains seem to have settled. Be sure to get a follow up with your cardiologist again, and if they’ve discharged you already then ask your GP to re-refer you, chest pain after stenting should be investigated. Hope this helps.

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rakeman in reply to Honeybee63

Thanks for your advice. I have and Dr's appointment in two weeks,

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Picass in reply to Honeybee63

What tablets were you prescribed to ease blood flow

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rakeman in reply to Picass

Clopidogrel and Aspirin

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In 2016 I went into hospital to have 2 stents inserted as a result of being constantly breathless. I came out with 5 stents! The following weekend I collapsed & was taken into hospital but they couldn't find a cause. Over the following year I had 7 or 8 instances of collapsing but every time they couldn't find the cause. Finally in 2017 it was decided to give me another angiogram and they discovered there was a narrowing of an artery that they had missed. Another stent fitted and for the last 18 months I have been fine.

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rakeman in reply to Benzman

Thanks Benzman

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ring consultants secretary and ask for an appointment - stressing you are in pain - mention you will take a cancellation at short notice if you can - hope you get sorted

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rakeman in reply to Flissy100

Thanks Flissy100

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I agree with Flissy100 I also rang the consultants secretary to get some action.

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