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Aortic Stenosis


My 86 year old mum has worsening Aortic Stenosis. Her Cardiologist refered her to a Cardiothoracic Surgeon to see if she was suitable for TAVI, however the Surgeon is of the opinion that she is well enough for formal (open heart) surgery. We, including my mum, are very nervous about this. We have asked to be considered for TAVI, as from reading up about it, it would appear a less 'brutal' operation for an 86 year old. The surgeon told us that there is a 6 month waiting list for TAVI. I am fearful that she may be too weak by the time the operation actual takes place, in view of cancellations, waiting for prelimary tests etc to benefit. Has anyone any experience of these 2 operations in elderly patients?

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My dad is eighty eight and had one in Basildon hospital last week. He was out in three days..would have been two but he woke up with a nose bleed . He lives in Great Yarmouth so it wasn't his local hospital... I had an AVR on August 1st for a bicusbid valve. I'm ten weeks on and still recovering. I know for certain that dad would not have coped. He's not so mobile for a start.

Wilki in reply to Astromeria

Thank you. Sorry, I am not familiar with all the terminology. By AVR you mean you had formal surgery and your Dad had TAVI?

There are now a number of keyhole operations available, check out which hospitals offer them - they are likely to become the norm in the future as they are far less traumatic- good luck.

Hi Wilki,

I’m 77 and took part in the TAVI/open heart surgery trial at Manchester Royal. I was told initially I was fit for either. After an angiogram, that showed the need for a bypass as well, I was selected for open heart surgery. I had my aortic valve replaced and a double bypass on 24th May. After some initial complications, which were dealt with totally efficiently, everything has been great. I must say I felt confident in my Surgeon from the very beginning and it wasn’t misplaced. I think a lot can depend on your own attitude especially when you are older. The power of positive thinking!

Hope this helps, but I would talk your concerns over with your doctor, who presumably knows your mother well.

Kind regards.

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