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8 weeks post op check up for AVR


Just back home from Glenfield Hospital and 8 weeks following my operation on my aorta valve I have been discharged from the clinic.

My sternum has healed ok and everything is on track. I will still take it easy for another 3 weeks but basically I can start doing activities again including my walking football.

I am so pleased how my recovery has gone and it shows with a positive attitude what can be achieved. I know a lot of people don't recover quickly. But anyone waiting to have this operation, don't be afraid and stay positive ❤

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MichaelJHHeart Star

Glad things are going well! Even in another three weeks take it carefully on lifting. I cannot seem to get any guidelines but the last thing is OHS patients need is a sternum instability!

meashamfox in reply to MichaelJH

Thanks Michael, I had set myself goals to reach during recovery and I will mostly stick to them. As you say best to be careful and not over do it. I'm just thankful that I will be getting slowly back to normality ❤

I went back to work, on ease-back, 12 weeks after my op. As Michael has said, just be careful about lifting anything. My colleagues were great and wouldn’t let me lift more than a ream of paper for weeks after I went back. Sounds like you’re doing everything right though.

I’m hoping not to have to go to Glenfields again, two ops was plenty, although the staff there were great.


meashamfox in reply to Fredders

Thanks Fredders pleased you are doing well my friend. I won't be doing anything to risk undoing all the good work but I'm looking forward to easing my way back to normality . One operation is enough for me . Take care ❤

IanGordon in reply to meashamfox

Another milestone passed with flying colours - well done sir! Good to know everything is on plan and you can work on your fitness and stamina. You will, I hope, be amazed at how much more you will be able to do without any of the old symptoms.


meashamfox in reply to IanGordon

Thanks Ian I'm still going to stick to my plan and take it slowly but I'm really happy how my recovery has gone

Great news and so pleased for you

After six week review, I started once a week physio for 10 sessions (as near as compulsory in Scotland) and it was excellent in that I gained confidence and met others at different stages of recovery (rolling classes)

What with your walking football and daily exercise, then you will be doing fine

meashamfox in reply to alheart

Thanks alheart, so glad you are also doing well, I have an appointment for rehab which I've been told will increase my upper body strength. So I'm looking forward to that.

Great to hear! That’s a great tonic - I’m just 4 days from AVR!!! Thanks for posting and hope you feel even better in a few weeks.

Thanks Alison and best wishes for your operation. My surgeon told me " if I am positive I will heal quicker " I kept those words in my head . Good luck

Glad to hear it's all gone pretty smoothly for you meashamfox. I'm also due, probably mid-next month, so what you say is reassuring! Hope you continue to make progress. Nic

meashamfox in reply to Nic25

Thanks Nic, I had been waiting almost 3 years knowing i had to have the op. My mind was in a state but when it was finally here I decided to go with the flow and be positive. I'm sure the positive helped me . Best wishes for your operation Nic. Stay positive and you will be fine. If I can help with any questions or advice please let me know. Alan ❤

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