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Hi! Does anybody take additional supplements such as magnesium taurate?

Second question, is everybody under the permanent care of a cardiologist/cardiac nurse?

I am still on loads of medication, my breathlessness seems to be worse and I can’t walk very far now and even a slight incline is like a mountain to me! However, I was signed off from the cardiac clinic and wonder how other people cope.


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Hi I had an electrolyte imbalance after my triple bypass in April & am still on magnesium sachets. I am still on sodium bicarbonate tablets, calcium supplement & special multivitamin tablets. My potassium level which was at a critical level at one point is fine now so I don’t take anything for that but I did.

I do not get breathless like I did pre- op but as I have asthma as well that does cause some breathlessness occasionally.


I’m under the permanent care plan f a cardiologist and yes I’ve freaked out that my heart condition is life long.

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