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What is LVH

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I don’t understand I have been told I have left ventricle hypertrophy also a murmur in my heart and have A/F Iwas given an echo 9 months ago and have never been to see a cardiologist and wondered if I should have seen one and I had a stroke 2years ago I’ve just got worried as my sister is having 2 new valves in USA and says I should se a cardiologist .Would like to know what it means if anyone knows thank you

3 Replies
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Hi Teddi

We’re you given your diagnoses after your echo and who was it told you? I would have expected diagnosis to be by a cardiologist. How are you handling the AF? Some manage better than others. I assume that you are on various medications. If I were you I would see my GP to confirm who diagnosed your condition and to understand what it means for you. A cardiologist is best placed to help you since he/she is a heart specialist. Possibly even better for the AF is an electrophysiologist (EP) who is a specialist cardiologist dealing with the electrical activity in the heart.

I hope this helps.

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Please don’t worry, if there was something to be done the doctor doing your echo would have organised it.

I have LVH which means the wall on the left side of your heart is a bit thicker than normal. In my case, this is caused by high blood pressure. Your cause may be different so you need to ask your GP. I also have murmurs because my valves leak a little. Some people are born with murmurs and live a normal life. In my case it’s the BP again. Thankfully, I don’t have AF (atrial fibrillation) yet but I am sure this will eventually come. It’s where the two top chambers of your heart are quivering like jelly instead of producing one good beat. You mentioned already having a stroke, did you have AF before the stroke or after? The likelihood that you are already receiving medication for AF is high, given that the echo was 9 months ago. However, stranger things have happened so it’s best to discuss all your medications with your GP to ensure you have everything covered.

Operations for replacement heart valves are usually done when the valve is severly leaking. Your GP will be able to tell you if you need anything done but if no one has contacted you in 9 months, you probably don’t need any intervention at this stage.

In my opinion, you should be under the care of a cardiologist who can monitor your progress annually or sooner if necessary. This is another thing that should be arranged through your GP . If you don’t ask, you don’t get:)

Listen to your body and rest when you need to, good luck.

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Emily_BHFBHF Nurse



Left ventricular hypertrophy (LVH) is enlargement and thickening (hypertrophy) of the walls of your heart's main pumping chamber (left ventricle). Left ventricular hypertrophy can develop in response to some factors — such as high blood pressure or a heart condition. Causes of increased afterload that can cause LVH include aortic stenosis, aortic insufficiency and hypertension. A heart murmur can also be caused by valve problems.

Normally an echo scan will be repeated once a year unless you develop new symptoms/worsening of symptoms (shortness of breath/tiredness for example).

I would ask your doctor about when this will be repeated and discuss your concerns.

Take care,


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