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Newbie needs help

Hi, just joined up to get some advice hoping this is the right place to come.

I've been having heart palpitations for a few weeks, never had them before. I'm on Infliximab to treat crohns so assumed it was related to that and an ecg has shown them but nothing to worry about.

However today I had incredible chest pain behind my left boob, lasting about 10 mins and shooting type pain in my shoulder and down my arm. I also checked my temp 37.6c i called the docs and they booked me in for 4 hours later.....she checked my pulse and said maybe it was indigestion and if it happens again call 999.

I had no fight left in me to question her, but now I'm home I'm really annoyed. Surely indigestion doesn't cause temp and I had only eaten toast 6 hours before.

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it could be your digestive system, and if you have crohns could it be a flare of that, although I assume you would know that, ? and if it's a flare of your bowels, that could raise your temp, if there is inflammation, I'm not medically knowledgeable, but just a thought.

I have diverticula disease of the bowel and gall stones, and when they play up [ inflamed ] it raises my temp,


Thanks, I'm not in a big flare at the minute as I'm on infusions which seems to be calming things x


Hi Amy

With any strong chest pain you have to be very cautious, especially if you feel nauseous, dizzy or faint as well? I'd have no hesitation in calling an ambulance if I had those symptoms together. I've heard it said that you can have a heavy feeling like an elephant is sitting on your chest if it's a heart attack, which I guess is what you're worrying about. We ladies can always present with different symptoms to men in some instances.

I once had terrible pain in my chest one night and spoke to my GP next day who said that if it happened again to let him know, that was probably about 6 years ago and I've not had it since. You could well be the same. I think by asking a few questions GP's can often tell if it's something relating to your heart or not, but it always pays to be vigilant.

What made you think to take your temperature and are you on any medication for your palpitations?



She didn't ask me any questions which is why I felt a bit let down once home. She literally checked my pulse and said wait for it to happen again.

I checked my temp as I'm on infusions which dampen my immune system so I know any kind of illness can make my body overreact a bit.

I'm not thinking heart attack, but I am just worried in general about having temperature with pain as I can't fight it. There's loads of heart related troubles but I'm no expert on them x


Hi again

perhaps you need a different healthunlocked site, ? especially as your not thinking it's a heart attack.

Most on this site are heart patients like me. I just happen to have digestive issues as well so answered your post, however If you are concerned and get pains in the area you describe, please call 111. for advice or 999.

Good luck



Thanks, and sorry I assumed there were other heart related problems other than a heart attack that people may be able to help with.

It's not a digestive issue, I merely mentioned crohns as a background to my health. Sorry to confuse things.


Hi Amy112, I agree with Jean and if it happens again, I would phone 999. I have had to do it for angina and the pains I had were from the angina, but the cardiac nurse said you were right phoning 999 that is what they are for, better be safe then sorry. All the best x


My advice is if it happens again and you are in doubt go to hospital.


I agree with the advice to dial 999. I have done so many times and the paramedics and A&E staff always supported my decision. It is impossible to know the cause of chest pain without a medical investigation and different people experience heart problems differently. And, when an ambulance arrives, they will immediately take an ECG which should capture any heart irregularity. I have microvascular angina and my temperature often increases 1 degree after an attack for no known reason. But that doesn't mean you have microvascular angina!


By the way, ischemia can cause arrhythmia (palpitations, therefore) as I know from personal experience. Whilst your heart may be in fine settle, it seems to me that there is reason to be suspicious that all is not well. Neither you nor your GP should rely on guesswork.


I had a heart attack 18 months ago, instead of me thinking it was an HA I thought it was indigestion and took the usual remedies. When they didn't work, I walked to my GP, after hours 6.30pm, he soon called for an ambulance, it was then confirmed by a blood test. Don't worry you have had some good advice on here.


Go to your GP urgently and demand a blood test . l had a pain behind a reconstructed boob and my temp was high. l had chemo 17 years before and it weakened my immune system. To cut a long story short Sepsis had set up home behind my boob and in turn led to severe endocarditis and septic shock which was only found when l was close to death and it had already eaten my heart valves. l don't want to frighten you but please ask "could it be Sepsis?" it is very hard to diagnose without a blood test. Sue x

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