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Unsure what to do about having a i c d implant

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Hi it's mattlol here only posted once I have been to the hospital today to discuss having a i c d put in they are saying i have lost 20% of my heart muscle and fall in government guide lines to have one fitted I'm so unsure what to do.

5 Replies
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I've had one fitted nowt to it don't even know it's there now had it 18 months

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MichaelJHHeart Star

My understanding is with that level of muscle damage your heart beat could become irregular with a chance of it causing a heart attack. I suggest you go along with the guidelines and have it fitted.

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I have a icd and don’t notice it’s there.

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I take it Government Guidelines are NICE ?? If they reckon you could benefit from an ICD go for it, it seems like a no brainer.

Best Regards

Frank W

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My son has alcapa and was advised to have an icd he has a small scar and he can feel it . It for reasurence because he can have a cardiac arrest at any time and hes ok with having it fitted .he Was not able to lift his left arm properly for 6 weeks

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