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Corrie Sepsis storyline!!!


PLEASE watch Coronation street this week, it deals with Sepsis and tells you all the signs and symptoms so you can save yourself, others, and loved ones. l was a whisper away from death with the severe sepsis that destroyed my previously healthy heart. You can download a check list from the Sepsis Trust website. Take care everyone, and put strong antiseptic like TCP on any scratch, wound etc, and watch out for confusion, talking rubbish, not producing urine, changes in body temperature, low or high blood pressure and racing heart. Always ask any health professional "could it be sepsis" Thank you x

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Much as I appreciate the educational opportunity, there is nothing on heaven or earth that will convince me to watch Corrie!

MichaelJHHeart Star

Sepsis is a very nasty disease. I first became aware of it five years ago when one of my best friends collapsed on a Saturday morning and was taken to hospital. He was mad comfortable in a women’s ward (!). Nothing much was done until the Monday morning with sepsis being diagnosed. He passed away a few hours later and the cause of death was given as a heart attack. I tend not to believe figures for cause of death as a few years earlier a friend contacted MRSA and subsequently died – cause of death heart failure. By a weird coincidence a younger friend contracted it a few months later. He had been to the GP twice that week and been basically fobbed off. Fortunately, he managed to get to A&E where he collapsed. He was in Intensive Care for a month. It was three months before he returned to work and maybe another three before he was fully fit again.

I am all for increasing awareness but no fan of soaps. As a youngster I did watch Coronation Street with my parents but by the eighties the storylines had become more improbable and I stopped watching it altogether. Raising awareness is difficult. Five minutes before tonight’s football would probably be a lot better than listening to those overpaid opiniated pundits that add nothing of value. If I decide to watch the sound will be OFF!

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I myself have just returned from my holiday in Spain and was taken seriously ill in France on our way home where I spent 3 more weeks in hospital.I have sepsis and an infected stone in my kidney where they have inserted a cathata,its also got micro abcesses all over,they said thats what caused the sepsis.They also said if I hadnt had the drain inserted that day I would have been dead the next day!OMG I have never felt so close to death in the first weeks,just out of it for at least one week and constant nausea and vomiting.I was treated with i.v.antibiotics of which the first I was on for 2 days with no response,the second started to work very slowly and eventually last week they put me on oral antibiotics so I could return home(we were traveling with our caravan and had to sail from Caen)which we did on Friday 6th July,with the proviso that I presented myself at my local A&E which I did yesterday.The bloods they took didnot present with any markers for sepsis,tho I do have an infection and very out on my potassium levels.They are happy for me to carry on with oral antibiotics and I am seeing uroligist on Tues for the kidney even tho France was going to remove it! I had a H.A. with one stent fitted in Feb this year which scared me but nothing like this episode.The care I recieved in France was excellent ,but big problems with the language barrier and the food was dire just not the kind of food I would eat and my husband basically feeding me on bagguete and yoghurts,tho didnt eat at all for first few weeks.Still home at last ,but I feel it will be a long recovery depending on kidney.It feels just like its the day after a severe stomach upset,but everyday.dont know when that will change and the good thing is my heart and lungs have all been checked out and all seem ok.Sorry to go on but its all so new.

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