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2nd Aortic Valve replacement


Hi, has anyone had their 2nd AVR? I realise most have mechanical valves due to longevity but I had a tissue valve at 28 so I could have my family which I now have 2 kids and looks like my tissue valve isn’t working as well now. How was the recovery was it harder? Emotionally harder or easier as you’ve had it before? I’m not sure how I feel about it, I mean I’ve had it done before so I’m sure I can again but I’m now a mummy of a 3yr old boy and 6month old girl. Love to hear from anyone who can help put my mind at ease 😊

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I’ve had tons of valve replacements as I have lifestyle issues that affect how long they last. They should years. It’s a ok op but does hurt afterwards for a while. I had my last replacement last aug and had a few repairs since but the repairs don’t hurt as much.

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Thanks for replying, was it done via open heart again?

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These wasn’t but I’ve been told my next replacement might be.

I had my second AVR last November. I had a tissue valve the first time in 2011 but this started to leak too so this time I’ve had a mechanical one. The op was fine but unfortunately I developed heart block so ended up with a pacemaker. As it was my second AVR I knew what to expect, what to do and not do etc. I was driving after 6 weeks and back at work after 12. I did have trouble with breathlessness and dizzy spells initially but that turned out to be the settings on my pacemaker. Once the settings were tweaked I was fine. I was fine emotionally. I think you will need to make sure you have plenty of support to help with your kids as you won’t be able to pick them up to start with. The surgeon did a good job with my scar too 🙂. I think because my first op and recovery went well I wasn’t too worried about the re-do.


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