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Do I or Don't I - more than a little confused now

After suffering from Cardio problems for more years than pussy was a kitten I ended up being totally taken aback at an appointment that had been postponed 3 times last Monday. Having been told I was in Heart Failure and taking a pile of pills the original plan last October was to have a Micro Perfusion Scan with the end result being Rotablation if necessary but am still waiting for either. Having been rather unwell and having had to retire I hoped at the very least to get some medication sorted out - GP admits I am well past his knowledge.

Imagine my great surprise to be told I was being discharged instead and could stop taking some of the Furosemide I am on. Having spoken to GP since and asking I would still like referral to HF Nurse am told that is not likely to happen as it would appear I now don't have HF.

I accept I am overweight and find it difficult to exercise too much because of arthritic knees but have I imagined everything that has gone on. has got nothing on me trying to sort out what is what.

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