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My story


I dont know if you have been following my story. I had PM fitted end of April, I am still having faints after PM fitted. I was confused as my report said I had open heart surgery and it now turns out I have some confusion over my report which has been mixed up with someone elses as I have not had a quadruple bypass( as stated on the report). I am having great difficulty getting any assistance with this matter , why am I still having faints after PM fitted. I had Pm as I was having pauses of up to 4.5sec. I now need the report changed and apparently only the person who wrote it can change it.

I am curious if anyone on the site has had fainting episodes after a PM?

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Sorry. What is PM?

sam295 in reply to Effiecat



Hi Sam295,

Firstly,I'm sorry you're still having fainting episodes after having your pacemaker inserted. This shouldn't be happening if it is related to the device.

I would suggest you get checked out at the pacing clinic in case the settings are too high/low or a pacing wire has displaced. If that is all ok,and you continue to have fainting episodes,I would suggest you make an appointment with your GP to exclude anything else.

With regard to the inaccurate medical notes, it may be an idea to raise it with the doctor's secretary to ensure it is deleted from any further correspondence, as this may also be impacting on the other person who has had the surgery's follow up. In this matter I would also contact your hospital's PALS( Patients Advisory Liaison Service) team

I hope you feel better soon and that I've helped.

Take Care,


sam295 in reply to Philippa_BHF

Thanks, yes pacemaker has been checked x3 times now and is deemed working fine. So that leaves me with a possible tacky brady where I have highs and lows of BP. I am not sure what to do about that.

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