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Update re mistake on notes etc

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I was at GP today who wants to me antidepressants. bear in mind my cardiologist wont see me until the 21st June , I keep collapsing after having a pacemaker fitted I am just being told go to A&E. My notes say I have had a quadruple bypass which is obviously a mistake , I have had a pacemaker fitted. And I might lose my job. My Gp thinks I should go private as it will give me back some control.

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How do you feel about the antidepressants? How come you may lose your job.

Do you think you will be able to access heathcare privately?

You seem to have a lot on at the moment, hope you are ok x

Go to A&E if you collapse again. Clearly, something isn't right. By all means go privately, but try to make that appointment with the cardiologist you were seeing at the time of the implant - it just saves a lot of time if they know you. Typically that initial appointment will be around £180 but it can vary consultant to consultant. Seeing a consultant privately does not obligate you to go privately from there on.

Thanks for you support, anything is a help right now

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