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Children with pacemakers

Hi, just wondering if there is any parents on here and their child has a pacemaker fitted? If so how does child cope with activities.

Mine loves to climb and swing from anything and I’m not wanting to suppress there childhood as always been so active.

Just feeling a bit overwhelmed by what lies ahead and the changes they will need to make towards exercise and activities they can do.

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You really need to talk to your GP or cardiologist as it depends on what type of pacemaker and any other heart or health issues. All things being equal they should be able to carry out most childhood activities but avoiding contact sports like rugby which could dislodge a lead. It is worth ringing the BHF nurses for a chat.

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I was a child with a pacemaker and I enjoyed sports and music which I was more worried about with my headphones but it didn’t effect anything I’ve done. I used to go to concerts and was active there and was ok. No issues as with sports. I onli have a tiny pacemaker but I was more worried about fone use and headphones and my cardiologist tells me I don’t do enough physically but I wasn’t worried about my pacemaker there was other issues.

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