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Waiting Times for Triple Bypass?

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After an Angiogram, and being informed I probably need a Triple Bypass, I am due to go to Southampton General Hospital, for my Pre-Op Assessment in a couple of weeks. I am interested in how long others had to wait for their Operations, as the Hospital Staff I have spoken to, were unable to tell me how long I would have to wait.

Days, Weeks, or Months?

6 Replies
skid112Heart Star

Hi there,

Really depends on a few things, how ill you are for starters, then waiting lists, again depending on the severity of your symptoms, a bed to take you pre and post op.

Some on here wait for a few months, others days, sorry I can't offer certainty

Hopefully for you it's sooner as the wait can be stressful



Cheers Mark.

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I agree with Mark. In my case they admitted me straight from from the angiogram and I had my triple 8 days later, but I shared a ward with someone who had been on the list for 3 months. If you are very urgent the waiting times will be short. You can take a positive from that - whilst you look like you need the triple, you are not so serious that you need it today. The downside is that you have a lot of time on your hands to think about it and that isn’t necessarily a good thing!

Good luck



I was told that I needed a quad bypass urgently but i waited three months. quite scary as I kept fearing the worse would happen before the op. Two years post op and I feel great by the way. good luck


MichaelJHHeart Star

I have been waiting for longer for a quadruple. My concern is that whilst it may be classified as non-urgent when does it become urgent and potentially become emergency surgery rather than elective surgery?

Depression post-heart-surgery is a common problem and recently I read a book about this that also dealt with the psychological aspects as regards, patient, family and friends .One area I did not see was coping with long waits for diagnosis and surgery. It is an American book published in 1999. It seemed very much a case of you go to the doctor, test are done and a diagnosis made, you choose your surgeon and "Bob's your surgeon"!

The wait got to me two weeks ago when I seemed to be near getting a date and a tooth flared up. It has now been extracted (see separate post) and I hope to get "Fitness for Surgery" renewed in about 10 days.

The long waits for cardio diagnosis and treatment have to be addressed. Keeping people hanging around on "dolly mixtures" is not really acceptable!


Hi Michael, I am quite lucky in as much, I am able to keep myself busy with work, and family life. Stay positive my friend, as although it might seem things are dragging on, the time will arrive and you will be admitted. Good luck.


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