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Hi my name's Sarah. I was wondering if any of you could help answer some questions I have. How long does it usually take for an assessment appointment to come at the heart transplant centre after a referral from the consultant? Xxx

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By coincidence I started to research this in relation to my condition (awaiting quadruple bypass) as the time from referral became quite long. From here I am referring to transplant and not other conditions.

There are numerous criteria such are you hospitalised because of your condition, is your liver and/or renal function deteriorating because of this, is your condition causing excess weight loss, etc. Any of these would make your case more urgent. Your best bet is to ask your consultant what time scales he expects as he knows your condition. If he says three months and you have no date after two chase it up - lust use common sense as it will take a few weeks to go through the system unless some of the earlier considerations apply.

Please let us know how it does.


Hello Moobear nice to meet you.

I met a Nurse at a Heart Failure seminar who was a Transplant Coordinator that was for the Golden Jubilee Hospital. So may be worthwhile contacting the coordinator for your Hospital ?


Frank W

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