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Having being diagnosed 3 years ago I have up and downs once medication settled other than tiredness and breathlessness doing tasks I used to find easy it's been ok.... I m 57 and in the last week had heavy cold and cough which has really know knocked me. Mentally feel down and a visit to doctor left me feeling I was making a fuss ! Not helped by wife buying cough medicine which we then realised not supposed to take !! Hard as having trouble sleeping and now not sure if cough/wheeze is part of hf symptoms worsening .... have struggled with cutting out beer over the years but in last week not had drop and lost weight but not off belly so then worry about holding fluid .... does anyone here telephone their nurse with these worries ? I ve not rung her before.... Don't fancy doctors again !

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Hallo George. Sorry to read your problems. Yes, best phone your nurse for advice. Have you tried sniffing lavender essential oil to help you sleep? It helps me. So does drinking camomile tea in the evening. Good luck. Clare

Hi George. I have heart failure too and have had a cold for the last week or so. It's not even that bad a cold but I have been feeling absolutely miserable, it's taken every last bit of my energy and I'm puffing and panting and just wanting to lie down all the time. Feeling like that really affects my mood too...as you might expect, I guess! So I feel your pain on that front.

I'm sorry your doctor made you feel that way, I think you did the right thing in speaking to them. If you are lucky enough to have a heart failure nurse, this is exactly the sort of thing you should be phoning them about. I'm sure they will be more understanding of your concerns than your doctor was. My heart failure nurse is always great about these sorts of queries, even if it's just to tell me what symptoms/changes to look out for and what I don't need to worry so much about.

Hope you (and I!) feel better soon.

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