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Confused about congenital heart condition

Hi, was at cardiology consultant today with child. It was mentioned that I need to have bloods tests taken by my GP, to identify if I was/am carrying some form of Antibodies during pregnancy that could have transferred through the placenta to my child. Doctor was talking about lupus and all other sorts of things that it could be (for my health) I’m confused as to what she’s talking about and what test I will need to get my GP to carry out. I went in thinking I was there to talk about child’s health and I’ve come out confused about my own? Any insight into what they were getting at or conditions they want to check for would be grateful. I didn’t want to take up appointment time with talking about me and not child who the appointment was for and. she also knows none of my medical background, so very confessed. Hope this all makes sense. Thanks.

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Hi Wishes,

Apologies can't really help directly as I am unsure of what the consultant was asking. It must have been very confusing at the time for you as well, what I would advise is to go and see your GP, the consultant will have written to them explaining what is required, before you go, make a list of questions you have and take it with you in order you get to understand what, why and how. Given most of us are under the ten minute GP appointment it may be wise to book a double, then you should have time for any follow up questions to your originals.

Good luck


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