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Happy International Women's Day!

I would like to wish everyone in our Community a Happy International Women's day today! Heart and Cardiovascular disease is typically seen as a condition affecting older men with unhealthy lifestyles, but this is not an accurate picture of those living with heart and cardiovascular disease in the UK. Around 2/3 of BHF funded PHD students are female. Read about some of our inspirational BHF-funded female researchers here

Our very own Senior Cardiac Nurse Philippa_BHF (who is a active member of the Community) is speaking today at the Women of the World Festival in the Southbank Centre tonight about how women often struggle to get support they need for medical issues. Find out more about the festival here:

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I don’t think anyone thought of heart disease as sexist, but I’d be interested if you chatted to a female colleague (don’t call her a lovely lady) about your salaries.

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