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Resting Heart Rate

Following my heart attack in December I was given Bisprololl as part of my cocktail of drugs. These had the effect of reducing my resting heart rate to low 50's. Two weeks ago I went skiing and probably due to altitude it increased about 10-15 beats per min. I expected it to reduce once I returned to the UK however it is still in the high 60's. Can anyone give me a reason for this and should I be worried?

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I hope you enjoyed the skiing. I don't think you need to be too worried about a heart rate of high 60's - that would still be considered to be low. It does seem odd that it should not have come back down again now that you are home and I cannot explain why that should be the case. So, while I'd not be too concerned by the actual value, I think I'd be checking in with my GP just for some reassurance.



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