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AVR just got real

So the uncertainty of a surgery date is over. Barring life/death priorities which rightfully take precidence, pre'op, surgery and discharge should be completed by 1st May. Though relieved, it seems to have heightened my anxiety which was a surprise as I was keen to get the control that a surgery date would give me. Similar feelings or concerns out there and any advice on a coping strategy would be marvellous?

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Hi Ian

I went through the same when I had my first AVR, although I was worried when I was told I needed the op it wasn’t until I had a date that it suddenly became very real and the anxiety set in. I had my bad days when I thought about all the bad things that could result, but most of the time I managed to control the anxiety by telling myself that (a) I was lucky because it had been spotted and could be dealt with, (b) my surgeon was very experienced and did lots of these ops and if he didn’t think it was safe he wouldn’t be doing it and (c) at least it would all soon be over with and I could get on with my life.

If you need to, talk to a partner, friend etc about your concern. Even if they can’t help with specifics, just voicing your fears can help you deal with them better.

Failing that there’s always us lot on here, your own personal support network 🤪

Take care


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Wendy, thanks. A timely reminder that logic and common sense are your ally and that resources are on hand - just be open and communicate with those close to you. Just want it over so I can take control of my rehab. Feeling better as we all do from interaction with this knowledgeable and supportive forum.

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Hi there, good news on the date but I can understand the anxiety. The op is fairly normal these days and you will be in very good hands. I'd advise some reading material, they are awfully long days and nights in hospital, if you have a kindle that will be a boon. Also think about post op, what you'll need or want, squash or something to add to the water, pjs, maybe a dressing gown things like that to plan for. Something to log on here so we know how you're doing as well.

This time in two months you'll be a whole new person, oh and the snow should have gone!

Good luck Mark


Thanks,Mark. Some useful items to remember for the hospital stay. Guess hydration is pretty important and the hours could be long without some form of distraction. My list is growing.


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