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Car insurance with an ICD fitted

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Hi, We are due to renew our car insurance in March, however my husband had an ICD fitted in November, the DVLA have been notified and not imposed any restrictions. However, has anyone else been in this situation and where did you get the best quote from.

We would be grateful to hear from any of you in a similar situation


9 Replies
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Hi, my husband has heart failure & has an ICD fitted, DLA are aware & he's OK to drive but must notify them if anything changes. It is against the law for a insurer to penalise you or increase your premium /excess because you have a medical condition. However, I believe you must still tell the insurer full details of your husbands medical condition & the ICD xx

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Leaandlinda in reply to Lezzers

Thank you, yes I was fully prepared to declare it, but wasn’t aware that they cannot penalise you by increasing premiums, so this is good to know x

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Andrew1966 in reply to Leaandlinda

Hi, I had a pacemaker fitted in Jan this year and my Sister who is 55 with her ACI (insurance qualification) having worked in insurance all her life said they cannot do anything about it. good luck

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Extra-Pace in reply to Lezzers

Hi. I had a pacemaker fitted last July and subsequently had my driving licence suspended for 6 months, I also had my LGV licence revoked permanently. I informed my insurers of this and my premiums went down from their original quote! It appears that if you have device fitted it counts as if you didn't have the 'illness' from an insurers perspective. You should declare the device because it is notifiable to the DVLA.

I had a pacemaker fitted in November told DVLA who said ok to drive. Insueres are LV who said I didn't need to tell them which surprised me. As I know they record calls I took a note of the time and date just in case.

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Hi Leaandlinda. I had a CRT-d fitted in November & wasn't allowed to drive for a month. It was fitted for 'Primary Prevention' & not because I'd suffered from a cardiac arrest. I informed my car insurance & basically they said 'thanks for your call' & that was it. I'm not sure what I expected, probably that they'd increase the premium, but hey ho they didn't. As with your husband, the DVLA just said to go ahead driving. Good luck, don't worry & happy driving!

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I've had an ICD for over 3 years, thought I had to declare it but just talked to Direct Line and they told me it was not necessary so have bought policy with them.

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I have had an ICD for 15 years. DVLA aware-no restrictions. I use all the usual comparison sites, always mention it. Never been an issue.

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Kaz69 in reply to Robinangel

Hi I’m new on here . I’ve had an icd fitted three weeks ago . Been diagnosed with long qt syndrome. It’s been a shock for me as I’ve been told for two and a half years it might be epilepsy. I’ve had three fits while asleep. Only got my driving lincense back three months ago and now I’ve lost it again for 6 months .

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