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Patching up a broken heart

I'm not one to deliver false hope, but this new research looks particularly promising.

A quick summary: A team of stem cell biologists in the Cambridge Stem Cell Institute in Cambridge UK are developing an innovative technique for growing heart patches in the laboratory – with the aim of using these to repair weakened cardiac tissue. If successful, this could help HF patients around the world. It's early days of course, and I'm sure any actual treatment would be a long way off (and only if development goes well), but it's always uplifting to hear of potential 'fixes'.


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Sounds promising.

I have Heart Failure and have had CABG surgery. Never told I had HF before the CABG only afterwards when Cardiologist just said in Casual Conversation I had hoped the CABG would have improved your Heart Failure but unfortunately it hasn't !!! Currently Cardiology are looking to open my LAD and RCA using stents so waiting on that.

I am 70 yo but mentally around 35 to 40 and reasonably active I am going to ask the question on my next cardiology visit how do you get on a programme for experimental Heart Research like this Stem Cell study.

I have already said when I pop my clogs seeing so my Heart wouldn't be any good for transplant I would offer it for research should it be any good for training or research purposes.


Frank W

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Look at this website nhs.uk/conditions/clinical-... I take part in lots of trials and really like to feel I am contributing something useful. Do you live near a medical school. I am a volunteer patient for Hull York medical school which means I go for exam days so the students have a real patient to work on


Thanks Nanne bookmarked that site


Frank W


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