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support groups

Not all areas have support groups, which i understand but A big town like Blackpool and no support group, yet we have one of the best heart hospitals in the country. I have just rung the number to find my local support group and have been told its Lancaster, Lancaster is a long way away and i do not drive, does anyone know of any other groups other than British heart foundation

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Hi whizz64

Sorry to hear you're having trouble finding a local group. All BHF heart support groups are independently set up and run, this unfortunately does mean that not all areas have a local BHF affiliated group.

We do always encourage and support the creation of new groups where there is a desire for them and will do what we can to assist with this. We are always happy to talk to anyone about setting up a new group, and the different ways this can be done. We also have a printed toolkit which explains everything you need to know when thinking about setting up a group: bhf.org.uk/heart-health/how...

Many hospitals also have their own support groups within them so I would also suggest contacting someone within your cardiac centre to find out if they know of any group or volunteers within the hospital that may be able to help :)

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Worth phoning local hospitals as sometimes they hold one. Start your own! Maybe your GP would start one.


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