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Valve surgery

I have severe aortic regurgitaion (leaky valve), AF, mixed airways disease and poor lung function mainly due to kyphoscoliosis (curvature of spine). I have 3 consultants at RBH who look after me really well, but am now struggling even more. Going to see a surgeon this afternoon to look to see if my valve can be changed, either through surgery or via TAVI, which is replacement through an artery. Up till now there has not been an appropriate TAVI valve. If he can do it but only through surgery, I will have much to think about - risks, affects of anaesthetics on my breathing. will a new valve make much difference considering my other problems. I think I am under the best medics in the country so we shall see what he thinks. Would be interested to hear other people with sever problems similar to mine who have had a valve replacement what your views are.


Upshot is, as my lung function is only about 20%, they will not do surgery. I am going in to have tests, CT, Echo, lung function etc, then a MDT will discuss whether a TAVI is feasible. Now the valve is also narrowing, there may be one suitable. Surgeons are still not sure whether it is the valve or poor lung function which is the major issue. But I'm going to have the tests done, and see what they think. BTW both the surgeons I saw were very handsome, so a bit of a treat on the eyes despite my nerves

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I had a valve replacement surgery 4 months ago and still recovering. Still getting out of breath.


Hope you feel improvement soon. As I updated surgery is out of the question so TAVI is only option depending on surgeons decision


That sounds like keyhole surgery which is what I had. I was pleased I didn’t have to have open heart surgery this time. I’ve had keyhole surgery every time since I was 4 but this one seems the wrost but I was worse than normal going into surgery.


Oh dear, hope you feel better soon.


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