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How can I get a stress test if my doctor won't refer me?

Hi, I was down to have a stress test by cholesterol consultant 2 years ago but have since moved and lost touch with consultant. I asked doc for referral but on checking my notes she said my last doc said I didn't need one. That however was 4 years ago and a lot has happened since. How can I get one without a referral? I have genetically high cholesterol, I can't take statins, I'm nearly 60 and been getting quite breathless recently on little exertion. My dad died aged 46 of heart attack and mum had her first in her 60s. I'm high risk and worried. I hate GPs! Thanks

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Keep hassling your GP for a Cardiology assessment - if your pain is exercise related it might be a sign of a cardiac related issue. Your family history should help make your case for for. You can always ask for a 2nd opinion and if its a big GP practice, that should be quite easy to do (just see another GP!). If all else fails, and you can afford it, get it done privately.

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Thank you but I just feel like I'm being a nuisance but I also know GPs do their best to fob people off. I might write to my original consultant again too.


Hello there - if you're having issues with a referral in this instance you can certainly contact your specialist consultant. They may want to see you in their clinic again or they may write to your GP with some recommendations.

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Your original Consultant presumably works for the NHS ? If you can remember his name call his Secretary and ask for a copy of the letter referring you for a stress test / Bruce Protocol It would be pretty easy just to find the area board the consultant works for and follow the trail from there.


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