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Dog s and heart failure

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Hi. Just need your thoughts on owning a dog when you have heart failure. We lost our dog 2 years ago and we really miss having a dog. My husband says we can get another dog if I want but wondered what others with heart failure though about it.

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Having a dog around you is good for the soul. Encourages gentle exercise too. It's been good for me.

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Kaz58 in reply to Adrian1949

Thank for replying Adrian. I think you are right. Just needed to hear it from someone else X

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Bitez in reply to Kaz58

Get a Pug 👍👍👍👍

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Tobysgranny in reply to Bitez

We have a little Pug and he is just wonderful. I try and walk him most days even if it’s only round the block. He is great company and keeps my husband and I amused all day long. He is such a character.

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MichaelJHHeart Star

I think it might be worth considering a retired greyhound. They are affectionate and need little exercise. Beware of getting a Jack Russell or terrier without advice as many have boundless energy. A friend's JR cross walked a professional dog walker into the ground.

If you use one of the rehoming centres double check everything you are told. We found some give you total misinformation!

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skid112Heart Star

A dog will be good for you but as Micheal suggests one that doesn't need endless walking

Good luck Mark

The joy an animal brings is priceless. Exercise doesn’t feel like exercise with a dog by your side, so in my opinion, a dog would help to keep you moving and motivated.

The RSPCA have a scheme where they will take your dog if you get sick. Alternatively, have you thought about fostering. The dog trust are always looking for help

The statistics will tell you that dog owners tend to live longer, happier, healthier lives than non dog owners! It's to do with the additional exercise you get when you walk them, but also the relaxation you get from just having them around. For these reasons we are seriously considering getting another dog - its been 8 years since we last had one. Just make sure you get one that suits your lifestyle.


I was diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy a few months ago. About a year ago we bought a new dog. She is a completely nutty, hyperactive Westie. However, she is the centre of our house now. Each day I have to walk her, no matter how I'm feeling, look after her and she gives me back more than I give her.

Not only is a dog good for physical health, it is good for mental health. You mustn't give up because of this diagnosis. I am more determined to try to keep going as much as I can and this dog will ensure I never neglect my "doggy" duties while hopefully my health is maintained.

I have a different heart condition and cos I’m recovering from a op it’s not easy for my dog but he’s learning to cope but I do have a friend who walks him for me with her dog. He’s having brunch instead of breakfast and a late tea sometimes. I’ve taught him to cope.

I have a guide dog and he not only a walking aid, but a endearing loveable friend. When I get low I talk to him, or we both put our coats on and go to the park where he loves to fetch his ball. It is great stress relief having him. Don't forget there are many breeds of dogs so start of with a small one that doesn't need excessive exercise.

Hi Kaz getting another dog will be the best decision you ever make, great for us heart 💓 people, they make you go out, even on days like today when it’s cold and very windy, it would be so easy to stay in. So apart from the exercise, a big tick ✅ people talk to you when you have a dog. I wouldn’t be without my LuLu she’s a Goldendoodle, she is so well behaved and she doesn’t shed hair another big plus 😆 she is a rescue dog, we have had her for 5 years now. There are so many gorgeous dogs out there looking for loving forever homes, I’m sure the right one is out there waiting for you.

Let’s us know if you get one ☝️ kaz💕💕💖

Haven't been out today snowed in lol

Hi, we adopted a husky/malamute Cross two years ago from our local animal sanctuary and I can honestly say she is one of the best things to ever happen to our family. I have had to take it slow getting back out with her but a cuddle with her brightens up my day. Go for it and let us know what you get x

I really miss having a dog but some days I just feel I haven't got any energy at all. My own fault as I tend to overdo things when I feel ok. My heart is saying go for it but my head is saying what if you let the poor thing down by not being able to do enough for it. I know I'm at a early stage in my treatment as it's only about 2-3 months since I was put on meds and they are still getting dosage right . How long was it before you started to see any improvement in your health. Xx

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skid112Heart Star in reply to Kaz58

Hi Kaz, overdoing things is also a trait many of us here have as well. You will learn not to but the feeling good factor isn't ignored easily. For me its been a little over a year, but i still have bad days, very few and far between but yes, feel puffed out and just want to sit and do nothing. Three months isn't long at all and as you say still messing around with dosage, take a little more time.

I have only just read your post and I am wondering, did you get a dog? I hope you did because there is nothing like a pet to help boost your well-being. I have heart failure and several other conditions and I wouldn't be without my seven dogs. I know there are days when I don't feel well enough or have the energy to take them on walks (especially in the colder weather) and my husband has to take them out in relays which I do feel guilty about but I have no regrets about having so many dogs especially as three of them were rescued from terrible lives.

I have HF ...dont let HF rule your life...get a dog..get 2..I have!!! You dont have to go on a 10 mile walk every day....there such great comfort and the best mind you have to give them attention....

Hi guys

I had a cardiac arrest July 2018 while in Spain , I've had pacemaker/defibrillator fitted. I'm at home at the moment

I've got five boarder collies which helps me get threw each day . Sometimes I catch them looking at me , it's like they know. What's going on if you realise your missing your old dogs. It's may be time to give another one a nice life.

Get a dog - I waited far too long after losing my last two and my life was very much the worse for it. Obviously choose a breed that doesn't need route marching every day like my Jack Russell or Cocker Spanial (thank god for my healthy partner). If you can give a dog love, amusement and the amount of exercise they need (most days health and weather permitting) you will make an excellent 'family'.

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