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D-Day + 1

Hello everyone,

So... it would seem I may have slightly overacted to the letter as the consultant tells me that I am doing just fine! At present a few more tests to see how the new drug is working is pretty much all I have to do. I am relieved but the initial flapping when I read "Severe" and "34%" had already subsided somewhat, mostly due to you good folks on here!

The same couldn't be said for the Mrs though as she was very nervous about it and it was the 1st time she'd ever accompanied me to the heart wing but she felt much better on the way out! It was the 1st time I realised how much this stuff affects those around you too, possibly even more than it affects the patient when information is lacking!!

I think the way the letter was worded was pretty poor especially as there was no further information about what it meant, on the up side though I stopped smoking the day it arrived and have lost half a stone in weight so although it was frightening to read it certainly delivered the kick up the ar*e I needed to start looking after myself, long may it continue!

I have joined 2 research programmes at the hospital with the hope that some good may come of the information gained for the next generation or 2 of heart failure patients and I'm also having my genome mapped which is proper fancy! My condition is inherited so I should have a pesky gene in there somewhere responsible for this and hopefully any data gathered may be helpful in clearing my offspring once and for all (I was under the impression the Echo tests had confirmed this already but no harm in having more info)

Right.. I'm off to moderately enjoy a glass of red along with my nicotine substitute, hope you all have a great weekend!

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Good news jona thanks for the update enjoy your wine and vape, have a great weekend


Great news Jona 😁 x


Great to here that, take care and enjoy the red 🍷 char x


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